Other ways to send Text Message from your computer

send free sms by internet

Other ways to send text message without cell phone

Perhaps you lost your phone or your if your device breaks down and need to send a message to someone, in this tutorial I will show you how to send a text message from your computer.

• Send texts via your email client

send text message via email

Sending SMS through email is very easy. The key is knowing the correct email format to use. Using this information you can send text messages to the major mobile providers.

  1. Open your email program or service. in the To field enter the telephone number as the beginning of the address, including the area code. For exemple : 5145555555@tmomail.net
  2. Compose a new message.
  3. Send your message.

Here is a list of some popular cell phone companies’ SMS email addresses provides to send SMS (text messages) as email to United States cellphone.

• Send Text Messages From The Web

send sms via internet

There are many services available on the Internet that allows users to send text messages from their computer. The services are generally provided free of charge. Some websites provide free SMS on the backing of promoting their premium packages for businesses .
For more information check this article : How to Send Free SMS from internet to mobile phone.

• Send sms using the service provider

t mobile text messages

A lot of the service provider let you send text messages directly from their websites. The big caveat to this method is that you can normally only send text message via their website to other people using the same carrier.

Text Message using google voice app

send sms from google voice website

You can send and receive text messages for your Google Voice account through Hangouts, either from the Google Voice Web page or from one of many smartphone and computer apps that serve as front-ends for messaging.

• Send texts via Apple’s Messages ( only for iOS)

Text message iMessage

With the iMessages app, you can send text messages and photos to another iOS device over Wi-Fi, without worrying about text-messaging charges (cellular data charges may apply).