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Here we show you how-to make free interntional calls tutorials with step-by-step instructions and photos.

Best international calling cards plans

International calling cards

International calling cards is another way to make cheap international calling when you are going on a round-the-world trip

Advantage of international calling card

Compared with (pc to pc calls, pc to phone calls or phone to phone calls ) that if you don’t need a computer, not to be connected to the internet,

international calling cards

Mobile Phone cards are easily available at local shops, supermarkets and travel agencies. Mobile phone cards are available in prepaid and postpaid forms. Prepaid cards are more in use. Prepaid cards can be disposable or refillable.International Calling Cards have many advantages besides lowering down call charges. You get total control over your call expenses.
But before you buy them, it is mandatory to check if they have any conditions that are not blatantly expressed.

How to Choose the Best International Phone Card

When you want to select the best international calling card, here are some of the features to look at, along with the pricing per phone card:

1. Low per minute rates aren’t always the best deal

This is the number one feature of a prepaid calling card. Rate offered must be reasonable.

2. Credit Card validity periods :

Validity period (the expire date of credit card): indicating the validity of your card

3. Watch for hidden fees

Hidden fees are a very big problem in the calling card industry. Calling cards come with many hidden fees that are less well-known than the rate per minute that is advertised as their primary monetary cost.

4. customer service :

One of the most helpful features for any calling card is having a 24/7 customer service. You never know when you may have technical or other trouble when using a card

6.See if you can use a pay phone with your calling card:

When traveling, it is very convenient to make international phone calls using common pay phones that you find on streets, malls, airports, train stations. In some countries, calling cards may provide toll free numbers (Such as 1-800 in USA).

6. ask your friends and acquaintances who are already used international calling cards

Selecting the right calling card for your needs should be a low stress decision, I hope that this article will manage to choose the best international calling cards plans.

Free PC to Phone calls with VoIP service

PC to Phone calls VoIP Technologyfree pc to phones calls

The Internet is no longer only used for access to information. From now on, the Internet plays an essential role in the connection and communication with friends or family members, globally. This advanced network has changed the way people communicate with each other. In fact, one can say that the PC took a phone communication solutions to its next logical level.

PC to Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP technology refers to using your Internet-connected computer to make voice conversations to virtually any conventional telephone in the world (cellular, land-line, sat phone, etc.), with the times, these Internet telephony or  solutions have reached a large number of houses after their worth in large and smaller organizations. With the PC, an Internet connection, the latest VoIP services and a headset, a user can now make unlimited calls to domestic as well as international locations. The user can get the best of both worlds, he can make international calls without having to pay anything extra for the same.

There are two types of VoIP services. In the first type of services, users can make calls from PC to other landlines or mobile phones. In others, users are able to make calls from a PC to PC. In fact, there are many companies offering PC-to-phone solutions. The services are based on technologies of voice over IP and call quality is also not very different from one company to another. The two factors that differentiate one supplier from the next are the costs and the degree of ease of use “of these solutions.

To conclude, we can say that the PC-to-phone solutions have life easier for many categories of users.

These a list of ths best VoIP programs that will allow you to make free calls over internet to normal telephone numbers.


Make 10 minutes free phone calls in the world


Make free VoIP calls, send and receive SMS to many countries


Free calls to more than 50 countries on normal PSTN landlines and mobiles


By using this free voip softphone you can make calls pc to phone any phones worldwide for free, (you can get to 30 minutes per day by using this tips to get free units with adphone hack).


Make 300 minutes per week of voip calling to fixed lines to popular destinations on the world

Free PC to PC Calling with Voip Software

Free Voip PC Software

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to serve as basic free pc to pc calls phone with voipcommunication, such as voice calls, voicemail and fax over the Internet instead of traditional telephone network.

Just as VoIP telephony VoIP, using a computer to call another computer through the Internet has been available to users for some time now. But today with modern technology, you can make also PC to standard phones for free. Or, to a very low price, depending on the software you use.

PC to PC calls : is a direct calls phone from a PC over the Internet to another PC connected to the Internet anywhere in the world. As your call goes through the Internet and not to use the phone system. This is called free PC to PC calls .This isn’t a big deal to set up. Just join yourself, and then invite your friends and family to do the same.,

Like any other product voip, PC to PC calling (VoIP telephony) has its advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps the biggest drawback of voice over Internet is the fact that the person you call must be online and must have the same vocation of Internet software as you do! It is a known fact that quality costs. The same principle applies here. Depending on the speed of Internet connectivity, signal quality audio (the sound quality of the call), May vary. So if you or people you call have / has a slow connection or network is busy, May it is almost impossible to have a conversation with VoIP telephony.

The software you need to make pc to pc calling ?

Normally, you and the people you talk to need to be on the same software. No problem, as there are many software download and use freely. It also means that there is nothing stopping you two or three different programs on your computer.

Below is a list of the most popular VoIP softphone services to make pc to pc calls phone.

* Skype


* Yahoo messenger

* Mobivox : you can also uses for make free calls pc to phone

* Google talk

After installing the software, register a free account and be sure to remember the username you choose, as this is how others will contact you.

Once the software is installed and you’ve registered an account use the Call Setup Assistant, to be sure that your microphone and speakers are set up properly.

Now that you have assured that everything is set up correctly, you can email your friends and family with your username so that they can enter your username into their contacts. They can then click on your name to “dial” you and connect over the internet

So you can choose one of you contacts who are online to make free Unlimited pc to pc Calling with him .