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VoIP Broadband phone | What You Need To Know ?

VoIP Broadband

VoIP Broadband phone

A Voip broadband phone service also known as a VoIP or Voice over Internet
uses the same IP network as your Internet service to get voice telephone calls to work with at a high speed broadband internet as compared to the dial-up networks

Advantages of Uses of VoIP Broadband Phone

The most important use of VoIP phone is to make long distance or international calls at very low rates. This feature attracts people specially business persons who have contacts with their international clients. Moreover, VoIP also offer various types of features like call diverting, call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding, conferencing etc. And all these additional features are absolutely free of cost.
Another most attractive feature is that these VoIP service providers also provide a service of virtual phone number. By this feature, you will be provide an area code of any place or country to where you have to make maximum number of calls or receive maximum number of calls. By using this area code your call will consider as a local call and not any international call and so will be very cost effective for you.
Precautions of using Broadband Phone Service:
As there are many uses of VoIP phone service but it will be safe if you will always consider the following mentioned precautions while using the broadband phone service.
1.) As you know that the broadband phone works by transferring the digital signal using internet connection, so it is recommended to use the high quality broadband connection for avoiding disturbance and poor sound quality while calling.
2.) Always be ready with some back up in case of any power cut, as the internet connection stops working by the breakdown of power supply, hence will stop the functionality of broadband phones.

I hope I have been able to answer some of your basic questions concerning broadband phones and goodluck with your future voip broadband phone endeavors

How to call Mexico for free online

How to make free calls to Mexico.

Many of my readers ask me how to call mexico for free. So, I’m going to write a post about this topic.

Pfingo : Free calls Worldwide

Pfingo free calls from pc worldwide

How to make VoIP calls phone to maney countries with Pfingo

Pfingo, is voip provider that offers 3 cents free calls to many countries. pfingo isn’t just about free pfingo-to-pfingo calls and inexpensive IDD calls to mobiles and phones You can make VoIP calling, send and receive SMS, chat concurrently with your IM buddies from MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, ICQ and pfingo, enjoy push services such as emails, news and stock update, synchronise your Microsoft Outlook contacts and calendar on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere!

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Pfingo offers a free local number to one of these countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

When your friends and family that you want to join, all they have to do is dial your number myGlobal – Private and only pay local phone.

You designate up to May 3 of them to benefit from this service.

You only pay S $ 0.03/min for calls.

There is no registration fee! No activation fee!

Get started with Pfingo :

Step 1:

New on pifingo?

If you are already a pfingo pfriend, download the latest version of the softphone pfingoTALK if you do not have one.

Download:how to use pfingo talk

pfingoTalk for PC

pfingoTalk for mobile

Step 2:

On the installation and connection using pfingoTALK number and PIN.

Step 3:

Click on the icon myGlobal number pfingoTALK on softphone.

Then get yourself a local phone number, and ask your friends to call your local number. They will be charged on the spot, and you will be charged 3 cents per minute. Just to recall a very small number of providers offering 3-4 cents voip calls to your countrie.

Pfingo offers some other major offers. I will consider them quickly.

Free voip calls With NetAppel

netappel free voip calls

NetAppel 300 minutes per week of free voip Calling

NetAppel, a French VoIP provider, appears to be offering free voip calls to Mobile phone to (USA, Hongkong, Porto Rico)or to fixed lines to Free destinations.

300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and free minutes Unused can not be carried over to the next (s) week (s), With your FREE DAYS you can call free all destinations listed free! . If the limit is exceeded the normal rate will apply. On the other hand, their prices to a lot of countries are cheaper than Skype at 1 eurocent per minute. but you can get another free minutes easily by creating multiple accounts.

How do I make free voip calls ?

Just click on the download link below and save the installation on your voip calls With NetAppelcomputer. After downloading, double click the installation file, you can start. Make free calls * with your friends connected or to the fixed telephones of the popular destinations or call another destination with the lowest rates.

With netappel you can make Free call To :

Australie, Autriche,Chili,,Chypre, Corée Du Sud, Danemark, Espagne,

Estonie, Etats-Unis (+mobile), Finlande, Hongkong (+mobile), Hongrie,Islande, Japon, Luxembourg, Malaisie, Monaco, Norvège, Nouvelle-Zélande, Panama, Porto Rico (+mobile), Royaume-Uni, Russie, Slovénie,Suède, Suisse

Make call phone from computer with voipcheap

make free pc to phone calls

Free call phone from computer with voipcheap

VoipCheap is a free program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world. You can Make call phone from computer or smartphone to more than 50 countries on normal PSTN landlines and mobiles in singapore, USA, HK & Canada. With some hacks, you can call from countries which are not listed in FREE list but you have a work around. You need a hack.

Mobivox unlimited free calls from any Mobile Phones

mobivox free calls in your phone

Mobivox : Make unlimited free calls from any phone

Mobivox is a new voip provider software, to make unlimited free call family and friends around the world for free from any phone. This includes free calling to USA, Europe from Indian mobile and vice versa.

Mobivox doesn’t require you to download any softphone or even tiny application to use their services. This frees you from the compatibility issues, perhaps the greatest advantage over other voip providers.

How to make Free Calls phone?

1. Register on their website for free

2. Use your e-mail. Enter your number from which you wish to call on the phone details.

Enter any information arbitrarily add contacts in option (for registration).

3. You will be given 5 minutes to free calls. Do you worry you’ll be able to call more with our Hack.

What destinations are included in free calling ?

Free calls between MOBIVOX members are available from anywhere (any country and from any phone) to:

A) Members’ mobile phones in:

Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United-States (including Alaska and Hawaii).

B) Members’ landline phones in:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg), Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United-States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), United Kingdom and Venezuela-Caracas.

C) All Skype™ users on Skype™.

Mobivox hack : Get more free minutes of call phone from your computer

After the expiry of 5 minute talking, go to manage my profile, remove your number from there, enter a fake number in place of your number.

Register again using some other email id but same number. Actually this is the hack Mobivox allows this.

Conference calls phone facilitate your meetings

Conference call phone service

Conference Calls Phone facilitate your meetings

A conference is an arranged meeting, consultation or discussion. A conference call phone is a call wherein three or more parties interact simultaneously. Modes of communication not only include telephones, but also video and web communication. Conference calls are widely used by companies to facilitate meetings or to distribute information. It s a cost-effective way to reduce travel expenses and stay connected to one s counterparts all over the globe.

Voip internet phone Solutions Service – What You Need to Know

Voip internet phone Solutions

Voip Telephony Service – What You Need To Know ?

let’s first understand as to what is VoIP ?

VoIP , which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol is a technological innovation allowing you to send data, audio & video concurrently over the internet, this transforms into minimal use of the available bandwidth thereby offering mind blowing transmission speeds. In other words, VoIP is the routing of vocal conversations over the internet, or any other network that is IP based. VoIP is also known by other names including Internet Phone , IP Telephony, and Broadband telephony.

VoIP has the potential to fulfill all your communication needs be it telephony, data transfer, video conferencing your imagination is the limit. To move onto the big league, you would have to contact a VoIP internet service provider. These VoIP providers buy bandwidths from wholesale VoIP providers & sell it to individual customers at a premium.

Why use a VOIP phone Solutions service ?

Probably cost is one of the main considerations as IP Telephony is less expensive than many other telephone service options. The cost of voip internet phone service is similar to the cost of sending email. You must pay to have an internet service, but after that, your usage is free. In some instances, you can place free phone calls or savings of up to 90% over regular long distance calls and other telephone services can be recognized.The practical upshot of this is that by using some of the free VoIP software that is available to make VoIP Internet phone calls.

For business establishments The VoIP solutions are considered as a good idea with a global presence. This helps the establishments to save their money on the telephone bills.

VoIP Software Downloads for PC and Mobile phone

VoIP Software for PC and Mobile phones

Different VOIP Software available for Pc and Mobile Phone

VoIP software is used to allow people to contact people via telephone-like voice or video conversations across IP based over a wide variety of networks.
There are a lot of different variations of VOIP software available, so it is important to conduct a VOIP comparison the software will do what you want and will work with your hardware before making a decision and purchasing a package. The VOIP software should be able to do four basic functions which are PC-to-PC calls or PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC calls, recording, support for outlook, voicemail, and making multi-user conference calls, but a lot of the VOIP software is able to do a wide variety of other tasks as well.

VoIP software for PC

To use a voip software in your pc you need :
• Any modern PC with a microphone and a speaker, or with a headset, or with USBphone.
• Reliable Internet connectivity like DSL, WiFi, cable or LAN. 28.8 dial-up modem may be enough if you use a codec compressing the speech to this bandwidth.
• Account with an Internet telephony service provider.
That is a list of the best Internet telephony applications available in market.

Mobivox :free 10 min trial calls

Skype :unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls

Pfingo : free 3 cents calls to many countries

Voipcheap :300 free VoIP minutes every week

Conference Call : provides accounts can accommodate up to 96 users

For more information, please consult the Publication : How to make a call phone from computer free

Mobile Voip software:

Mobile Voip is software to call and text from your cell phone and smartphone using the Internet connection for free without using cell minutes. To use a voip software in your mobile phone you need a handset with SIP capability and a network (e.g. WiFi, LTE, EDGE, 3G/4G, WiMAX).

For more specific information, consult the Publication :

7 Apps to make free international calls on iphone/ipod

Free cell phone calls with VoipCheap Mobile App

Mobivox unlimited free calls from any Mobile Phones

How to get Free WiFi calls on iphone

How to make conference call on Samsung galaxy S4

Free cell phone calls with VoipCheap Mobile App

make free pc to phone calls

VoipCheap Mobile App : make free calls on your smartphone

VoipCheap is a free voip program that uses the latest technology to bring free and high-quality voice communications to people all over the world.You can make free cell phone call to more than 50 countries on normal PSTN landlines and mobiles in singapore, USA, HK & Canada. With some hacks, you can make free cell phone calling from countries which are not listed in FREE list but you have a work around. You need a hack.

How to use VoipCheap on smartphone to make free cell phone call ?

New you can to use VoipCheap from your mobile phone? it’s simple to do, download voipcheap Mobile Voip app in your mobile device and log in with your VoipCheap username.


  • Make and receive calls from your mobile at very low rates using VOIP
  • No change in using your phone, just select contacts or use redial
  • Works all around the globe anywhere, anytime
  • Now you’ll be making cell phone call without using cellular minutes
  • You may even be able to downgrade your voiceplan
  • Quality is very good
  • MobileVOIP uses Wifi, 3G, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS – you can select which method when starting the application.

Mobile device support

free cell phone call app for android
free cell phone call app for iphone
free cell phone calling on symbian
Nokia / Symbian

How to Proceed for make free cell phone calling with voipcheap?

1) If you do not have a username: Click here to sign up for free

2) Get MobileVOIP on your mobile device by:

– Browse to: mobilevoip.com/android on you mobile device and follow the instructions.

Use your mobile to make FREE calls at home, in your office or abroad.

Our mobile voip solution: MobileVOIP and make FREE Wifi calls everywhere!.

Voipcheap free cell phone call destinations

Australia Austria Belgium Canada Chile Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
France Germany Hong Kong (+mobile) Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy
Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malaysia Monaco Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Poland Portugal Russian Federation Singapore (+mobile) South Korea, Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States (+mobile).