How To Turn Nokia Cell Phone Camera as a pc webcam

Nokia Cell Phone Camera as a pc webcam

How to use nokia cellphone as a web camera with pc ?

Today i will guide you how to turn your Nokia Cell Phone Camera into a high-quality web camera and throw away your bulky USB webcam.

1.  Download mobiola web camera software on your laptop at Mobiola .

Mobiola WebCamera is a great way to share what cannot be recorded with a built-in laptop camera, as it is wireless and can be easily moved around.

2. When you have downloaded then you should install it on your pc.

3. Then connect your phone to your pc via usb data cable.

4. Open the Nokia PC Suite software and the “Get Connected” wizard will launch. Click the “Click here to connect a phone” button. Select “Cable Connection” as the connection type. Click “Next.” Wait for the software to connect to your Nokia mobile¬† and click “Finish” to exit the wizard.

5. Click the “Synchronize” button in PC Suite to start synchronizing your Nokia with the laptop. Mobiola will be installed on your smartphone automatically during syncing.

Restart the phone to allow Mobiola to start.

6. Start Mobiola on your laptop and select how it should connect to the Nokia You can select to connect via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

7. Turn on the video camera on your Nokia . Click the Camera icon in Mobiola`s main window on your laptop.

You will start seeing what your smartphone`s video camera.