Top Free Antivirus / Anti-malware Android Apps of 2018

Antivirus Anti-malware Android Apps

Do you think your Android smartphone has been infected with a virus or malware? Here is an effective method to totally eradicate or remove a virus or malware from your Mobile Android.

The best free antivirus on Android

Antivirus software is an important tool to help prevent such attacks (be it on a computer, mobile device, etc.) that is developed to provide real-time protection of the system.

Its main role is to be able to detect all potential dangers, to propose solutions to clean, quarantine, or delete, to monitor the suspicious behavior of the system and the files stored there to protect you from any security risks. This is basically an antivirus, and we will see together in this folder, the top app to remove virus mobile, you can find on Android and download from the Play Store..

Introducing Android antivirus

It will not have been easy to make a choice among the tested antiviruses, but this selection makes it possible to find a set of well-thought-out antivirus applications, treated graphically and which provide free of charge the basic functionalities that one can expect from a anti-virus .

No paid solution proposed in this article, only free, but good in perspective to ensure a minimum of security on your Android device.

AVG antivirus android

AVG is an antivirus already well known on PC and is doing pretty well on mobile devices. The main menu is also simple and very quickly accessible. The “Analyze” button located at the bottom has allowed to perform a scan on the phone and even to detect 4 threats!

the detected threats are:

  • CyanogenROM Downloader, classified as an intrusive Adware, while certainly the free application contains advertising placed just below, but still, it is the new company that will not be happy.
  • “USB Debugging enabled ” does not seem to appeal to AVG
  • The option to install applications from “unknown sources” is checked, AVG informs us that it is a risky choice, in all good honor.
  • The smartphone is rooted, potentially granting all rights to who gets them on the phone, of course, but I was aware of this detail.

As a result, the application reports as threats what could actually represent a danger, but these different cases are quite normal on the smartphone that was used for testing.

Aside from that, AVG Antivirus for Android offers to check the performance of its device, especially the battery status (its temperature and health) and even the ability to set a power saving mode.

Finally, the application offers everything you need for file scanning, real-time protection when surfing the internet, analyzing your SMS / MMS and a range of options for protecting your applications or call blocking.

AVG antivirus android : Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Lots of features
  • Free
  • Scans SMS messages for anything dangerous
  • Antitheft features
  • Remote SMS commands
  • Handy data usage monitor
  • Includes performance and privacy tools
  • Not all features are free
  • Ads
  • Browser protection not correctly configured on some devices
  • Long malware scans
  • Unusably awkward ignore feature
  • SMS blocking conflicts with Google Hangouts
  • Insecure lockscreen.

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avg mobile antivirus

Avast Mobile Security

We find the signed application Avast for antivirus protection in mobile version that wants to be effective. An even more complete menu is available for the latter. Whether it’s looking for viruses, blocking applications or protecting your privacy, everything seems to be present on the interface.

It is possible to perform a scan on all storage spaces (memory cards). To make it shorter, I have not voluntarily checked this option.

The application offers a firewall to manage the traffic (Wi-Fi, data) of your applications. A task that might seem tedious to those who want to configure each application one by one, but it is what it takes to have a precise setting as possible. The “Privacy” section allows you to collect a lot of information about your phone and the network used.

To finish the settings will allow you to update the database of Avast and block the application with a PIN (be careful not to forget if you use one). In short, Avast, as one can like it (or not) on computer, then, to download if you are already familiar with the system.

Download Directly From Google Play

Avast Mobile antivirus

Avira Free Android Security

Avira, known also on PC for its formidable efficiency, speed and low consumption of resources, which is pleasantly found on Android. Not that the mobile version of the antivirus is a beast in search of viruses, but it adopts a simplified interface to the possible and that goes to the essential.

The analysis performed will have circumnavigated files stored on the internal memory and the micro SD card (count about 8 GB total) to report no problem on the smartphone.

For the rest, we find a lock to locate your lost or stolen Android device, and even options to lock it away or directly delete the data that is stored on it. It is also possible to create a blacklist to block unwanted contacts that would have the habit of disturbing you.

Avira Free Android Security : Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Good results in most independent lab tests
  • Good score in hands-on malicious URL test
  • Includes active Do Not Track feature
  • Mediocre score in hands-on malware blocking test
  • Poor detection of phishing websites
  • Limited tech support
  • Browser protection not compatible with Internet Explorer

Download Directly From Google Play

Avira Mobile antivirus

Norton Antivirus and Security

Norton Antivirus. Although the free version will not be as effective, the company has done the right thing to encourage consumers to take a subscription. However, for your use, you can be content with the free antivirus that I detail you here.

Like Avira, it will only hold its primary function, that of protecting you from viruses. From there, you can scan your system for threats.

The latest versions of the application have caught up with the mistakes of the past and Symantec remains unquestionably a benchmark in the field of security, and comes to prove it again with its mobile applications. What will not have been the case of the Kaspersky application that has disappointed many users.

Of course, if the antivirus protection is not enough and you have confidence in the tool, nothing prevents you to upgrade the Norton application to take advantage of options offered for free by the other solutions presented above, but with the expertise of specialists who will provide the necessary tools to make your smartphone or tablet a real barrier virtually impassable for viruses.

In any case, for the version without paying a single penny, it’s part here, and it’s all you need to ensure optimal protection, free.

Norton Antivirus and Security for android : Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Outstanding malware protection in independent lab tests
  • Excellent phishing protection
  • Privacy warnings integrated into Google Play
  • Full slate of anti-theft tools, including SMS commands
  • Call blocking.
  • Limited backup tool
  • Doesn’t automatically screen unknown phone numbers.

Download Directly From Google Play

Norton Mobile antivirus

Security Master

CM Security is the antivirus developed by Cheetah Mobile, a specialist in mobile security. The latter, although relatively recent, is one of the best antivirus available on Android. To prove it to you, I tell you that this application received 7 times the oscar of the best global antivirus and is still considered as the best antivirus for Android by AV-TEST, it’s not nothing.

He is not from a very large antivirus company like those mentioned above (Symantec, Avast …), but he does his job very well. Moreover, this application is much more than an antivirus. In addition to protecting you from viruses through full scans, it also includes a call blocker, application lock, performance booster, junk file cleaner and a cloud safe.

The security of your phone will be assured in real time, and this, on the entirety of the latter. The speed is also set, the full scan is very fast (a few seconds, a few minutes maximum).

With a rating of 4.7 / 5, it is the antivirus application with the highest rating of this selection. Simplicity, with a very ergonomic and practical interface, efficiency, with its lot of very useful features, light weight, with a total of 8 MB and free, with an application without ads or registration or subscription. But good.

CM Security Antivirus Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Protects your mobile device from harmful viruses, malware and trojans
  • Full file scan can take thirty seconds.
  • Scan any WIFI network for malicious activity before connecting.
  • Battery saver .
  • AppLock feature which automatically takes pictures of anyone trying to gain access to your phone.
  • Booster and junk cleaner
  • The call block , blocks SMS and other spam material
  • The Lock Screen can also be customized using individual photos.
  • Very easy to navigate
  • The ads can sometimes get annoying.
  • The cleaning app is not very necessary since most android devices already have cleaning software.

Download Directly From Google Play

Security Master Mobile antivirus


Doctor Web is a Russian IT-security solutions vendor developing with a community of over 70 million users on Google Play Just like its compatriots mentioned above, it is here to protect you from all possible threats on your Android devices, but the one It differs from the others by certain advantages, but also disadvantages.

First, its main advantage is its lightness, in fact, you will need less than 1 MB to store the application is the most lightweight antivirus Android. Past the almost invisible installation for your storage space, very simple interface that goes to the basics with a scan module (Fast, complete and customized).

Dr.Web integrates a large number of features such as a powerful antispam, an accelerated scanning system, an access control to an internet, an antitheft device (in case of loss or theft) or a complete firewall. But as I told you, beyond its benefits, this antivirus has a big drawback.

Indeed, if you can download the application for free, it is far from complete, you must have seen the word Light in the title. If you want to unlock all the features, you will have to pay € 58.13 for a lifetime license.

Doctor Web Antivirus Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • This program includes a robust knowledgebase as part of its support offerings.
  • This program received the lowest score for performance from AV-Test because it uses the most computer resources of any tested software.

Download Directly From Google Play

Dr.Web Mobile antivirus

Kaspersky Internet security

Software Kaspersky Anti-Virus is an essential pillar of security for your computer and inevitably it has become a must on smartphone, which provides real-time protection against the latest malware and viruses.

Location of the smartphone, blocking calls and SMS unwanted numbers, but also protects your watch Android Wear, it is true that we are never too careful! In any case Kaspersky brings all its expertise on Android and then we must recognize that the application is rather pretty while Material Design.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android : Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Top-tier malware protection
  • Anti-theft tools. SIM alert
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Hides special contacts
  • Call blocking
  • Slick interface
  • SIM card protection nonfunctional in hands-on testing
  • Over-aggressive and confusing locking behavior
  • Mediocre phishing protection in testing

Download Directly From Google Play

Kaspersky Internet Security Mobile antivirus

360 Security

Currently used on more than 200 million smartphones in the world. 360 security is one of the best mobile antivirus. In addition to of course offering all the necessary security, this small application will offer other functionality.

First of all it is a “booster” of RAM, it will allow to kill the useless applications in the background. It also offers a brand new intelligent battery saving feature to help you monitor the most used applications and conserve your battery.

360 Security for Android : Review – Pros, Cons,

Pros  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-up” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]Cons  [mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-down” color=”#1e73be” type=”fa”]
  • Sleek design with a simple user interface
  • Fast and lightweight anti-malware engine
  • Interesting set of goodies
  • Intrussive new set of permissions
  • Does not include anti-theft capabilities

Download Directly From Google Play

360 security mobile antivirus


We hope that this top 8 has allowed you to learn about the best antivirus solutions available to you on Android, for free, and you will make good use of these security applications to get rid of viruses.

Feel free to come and comment to give us the name of the antivirus you use (if you use one), the reasons for your choice or simply come to ask questions and discuss about mobile security in general.