How to set up password for a pocket wifi

password for a pocket wifi

How do you set up password for a pocket wifi ?

if you have a pocket wifi and do not know how to setup/create password for access rights . Please take the following steps to change password of the device :

1. Turn the Pocket Wi-Fi off and open the back covering to take the battery out to take note of the default login and it`s ip address or domain name.

2. Turn on the Pocket Wi-Fi then connect it to any computer with a USB cord

3. Launch any browser and in the address delete everything.

4. Type the IP or domain name and login with the default access

5. Go to Advanced Tab and select wireless settings or Wi-Fi Settings

6. Select a security type and create your own password then hit save and apply.

NOTE: If you have other wireless devices that are working fine currently, all of those will be disconnected and you may need to remove the network and reconnect.