How to restore Nokia Asha to factory default settings ?

nokia Asha hard reset

If you forgot security code for nokia asha or you entered your security code incorrectly several times , you’ll need to restore factory setting .

The default code for your Nokia Asha  is 12345. To reset using this code try the instructions below.
Restore factory setting This restores your phone to the original settings by Nokia.
This does not remove any files from your phone nor on the memory card.
To do restore factory settings go to MENU > SETTINGS > RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS > SETTINGS ONLY > “Enter security code

Note: Default security code is 12345, make sure to end any calls or connections while doing this.
If the code does not work, we may have to perform a hard reset.

Hard reset Nokia asha:

Do a hard reset This restores original OS from the ROM. This formats your phone`s drive C and deletes all data including memory card data. To do a hard reset enter code *#7370 If your phone has the physical keyboard, turn off phone. Press and hold the keys: * and 3 and Call/Green Keys.

Turn on device, Nokia Asha logo should appear.

– How To Reset A Nokia Asha 305 video