How to restore iphone 5 with iTunes

how to restore iphone with itune

This step by step tutorial will teach you how to restore your iPhone 5, if has stopped working normally

To restore your iPhone you need to put it to DFU mode first.

DFU mode will turn your iPhone 5  into a restorable state and remove errors while restoring.

– Putting your iPhone to DFU mode.

DFU mode or Device Firmware Upgrade mode should be done before you restore your iPhone, because as you have said iTunes doesnt allow you to restore your iPhone. To put your iPhone to DFU mode:
1. Press and Hold Power and Home button for 10 sec.
2. Let go of the Power button without releasing the home button.
3. Hold the Home button for 15 sec.
4. Your iPhone will turn black, this means it is on DFU mode.
5. Now proceed to Restore your iPhone.

– Restoring iPhone while on DFU mode.

To restore your iPhone while on DFU mode: (Remember: Restore will erase all data on your iPhone)
1. Open iTunes, make sure you have the latest iTunes.
2. Connect your iPhone to your Computer via USB cable.
3. On iTunes, click Restore.
4. Wait for the restore to finish.
5. Now your phone will boot up normally without the passcode.

– Troubleshooting and Restoring backup data.

When you experience errors 2004 or 2005 this means either the USB cable or USB port has problems. To fix it just change the USB cable or connect to the other USB port.
If you have a backup of your iPhone’s data you can restore them to get the files back. To restore your iPhones data:
1. Connect your newly restored iPhone to iTunes.
2. On iTunes, select “restore from this backup”
3. Select your back up name or iPhone’s name.
4. Click continue.
5. Wait for backup restore to finish.
6. Now you have your files back.