How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

hard reset samsung galaxy note 5

At some point, you will want to make your phone as clean and reset the phone to its original state. Solve several problems, sell or give away your device, or just want to get started again, here’s how to reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to factory settings:

Before you reset your phone, make sure that the important information that’s currently saved on the phone (such as photos and videos …) is backed up to a place other than the phone.

Warnings before doing Hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  • Back-up your music, videos, photos and contacts.
  • Charge the battery of your phone at least 70%;
  • Save the Google email address and password saved on the device;
  • This will void the device warranty.
  • This is a risky procedure so do it at your own risk, we are not liable for any damages.

Check out this guide for 5 things to do Before Factory Resetting Hard Reset Android phone.

Here are 2 different methods to hard reset and Factory reset Galaxy Note 5 on Original Setting.

How to Hard reset the Galaxy Note 5 from the settings menu

  1. Launch the Settings app from the home screen or from the app drawer.
  2. Swipe left on the heading menu. Tap Personal.
  3. Tap Backup and reset.
  4. You are presented with a list detailing everything that will be erased from your phone. Press RESET DEVICE at the bottom of the screen.
  5. If you have configured the fingerprint reader, you will be asked to confirm your fingerprint.
  6. Your device will begin the reset process. When you are done, the phone will work as the day you got it, and start in the process of setting up the phone.

How to factory reset the Galaxy Note 5 with hardware buttons.

    1. Press and Hold down: Volume Up + Home + Power button for a couple of seconds.
    2. Release held keys When the Samsung Logo appears.
    3. Use the VOLUME DOWN key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset and tap the POWER button to select.wipe data/factory reset
    4. Then choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation.delete all user data
    5. After that select option “reboot system now” by using the Power key.
    6. The phone will restart : You will now have to go through the initial setup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.