How to reset asus tablet with no volume buttons or reset button

hard reset asus tablet no volume button

In this tutorial we will show you how to Factory Reset your asus tablet When It since the hard reset won’t work when you try volume button plus you forgot your gmail password. There is other way which won’t require you to input a gmail account. But by doing the volume power is efficient.
Just follow the instruction so you can troubleshoot them successfully.

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  1. You need to turn off your tablet
  2. Then press/hold power till tablet turn off then press/hold volume down immediately while pressing power
  3. A start logo will appear on the screen this is the time you let go of the button
  4. You need to press down around 2 times for “recovery mode” to appear
  5. You need to press/hold on the “power button then press VOL up
  6. A pop out message would appear use volume to scroll and power to select. Select wipe data/factory reset
  7. You need to scroll down and click “yes- erase user data” by pressing power
  8. It will now reboot until it will switch off and switch on where a welcome screen would appear. This means you succeed!