How to remove pattern lock from spice mi-280

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If you forgot your pattern on your spice mi 280, and your phone is locked because of too many pattern attempts. There are many ways on how to unlocked your spice mi 280.

Follow these steps:

Note: Before you hard reset your spice mi 280, backup first your important files to your computer.

Follow this tutorials on how to backup your files on your spice mi 280.

If you want the full story of how to backing up and restore  fils from Spice Mi280, check out my post,” How to Backup/ restore files from spice mi-280 “.

backup files spice mi 280
Here’s the 2-Methodes Technique process:

Method A: Unlocked using Google account.

♦ Use your Google Account Username and password to unlocked your spice mi 280.
These requires WI-FI internet connection or any internet access on your spice mi 280 to enter your Google username and password.

Method B: Hard reset process.

Using this process will restore your default settings and delete all save files and data.

Follow this steps on how to hard reset your spice mi 280:
♦ Turn off your spice mi 280.
♦ Press and hold Volume up + Volume down + Power button, to enter recovery option.
♦ Use Volume buttons to navigate option, and use Home button to select/confirm.
♦ Navigate “Clear Flash”, and confirm, then your spice mi 280 will automatically reset.
♦ After resetting your spice mi 280, Navigate “Reboot System Now” and confirm.
♦ Then you`re done resetting your spice mi 280.