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PC to Phone calls VoIP Technologyfree pc to phones calls

The Internet is no longer only used for access to information. From now on, the Internet plays an essential role in the connection and communication with friends or family members, globally. This advanced network has changed the way people communicate with each other. In fact, one can say that the PC took a phone communication solutions to its next logical level.

PC to Phone (PC-Phone) VoIP technology refers to using your Internet-connected computer to make voice conversations to virtually any conventional telephone in the world (cellular, land-line, sat phone, etc.), with the times, these Internet telephony orĀ  solutions have reached a large number of houses after their worth in large and smaller organizations. With the PC, an Internet connection, the latest VoIP services and a headset, a user can now make unlimited calls to domestic as well as international locations. The user can get the best of both worlds, he can make international calls without having to pay anything extra for the same.

There are two types of VoIP services. In the first type of services, users can make calls from PC to other landlines or mobile phones. In others, users are able to make calls from a PC to PC. In fact, there are many companies offering PC-to-phone solutions. The services are based on technologies of voice over IP and call quality is also not very different from one company to another. The two factors that differentiate one supplier from the next are the costs and the degree of ease of use “of these solutions.

To conclude, we can say that the PC-to-phone solutions have life easier for many categories of users.

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