Oppo F5 Youth : Hard Reset / Factory Reset – How to

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Resetting the Oppo F5 phone: In this tutorial we will explain how to perform a factory reset / hard reset of an Oppo CPH1723 smartphone.

You phone does not work properly anymore? Incomprehensible crashes or software that does not work as before? A hard reset it might be necessary! This guide explains how to reset oppo f5 (CPH1723) to restore the default settings.

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Why do I need to hard reset Oppo F5 ?

There are many reasons why you need to do a hard reset on your Oppo F5. Such as:

  • Remove all Data from the device.
  • Lose or forget your password.
  • Giving the device to someone else and don’t want to give them your contacts or any other information
  • Phone become unresponsive for a few seconds.

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What Do You Need to Do Before Hard Resetting Your Samsung Phone ?

Before you begin the resetting or factory reset of your Oppo F5.

  • You need to backup all data stored on your Oppo F5. Such as your contact numbers, messages, multimedia files and other important files.
  • And also need to have at least 80% charge on your phone mobile battery.
  • Also remove the SD card and SIM card from your F5.

After that you can start Hard Reset.

How to hard reset Oppo F5 Youth (CPH1723)

First method: Hard reset from Recovery Mode

  1. First, turn off your Oppo F5 (by pressing the power button).
  2. Now, press (Volume Down + Power Buttons) for 10 seconds and release all buttons once the Oppo Recovery Mode logo display on the screen. (Note: if Volume Down + Power buttons does not work, use the Volume Up + Power buttons)
  3. From the menu, select your preferred language (in our case ‘English’) then confirm with the power button.
  4. Select (Wipe data and cache) and confirm with the power button.
    hard reset oppo F5
  5. Now Select (Yes) to Clear all your data and to confirm press the power button.
  6. Select (Reboot) to restart your device.
    hard reset oppo F5-2
  7. After rebooting your Oppo F5, complete the hard reset.

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Second method: Reset or restore from the menu setting

  1. At first Power on your Oppo F5 press the power button.
  2. Go to the setting option.
  3. On the Settings window, press the Backup and Reset option.
  4. Select Factory Data Reset.
  5. Now select Reset Device.
  6. Select Erase All and then Erase All User Data and Select OK.
  7. After the phone is reset and restarts, complete the initial setup process and start using your smartphone normally.

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Video Tutorial :

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