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Samsung smartphones is the number one Android manufacturer in the world, Here in This section lists the tips, tutorials, and tricks that boost Android's worth. You can find some of the best Samsung Mobile Phone tutorials for beginners that help you get even more out of your device.

How to download/install whatsapp for Samsung galaxy s3

whatsapp samsung galaxy s3
download whatsapp for samsung galaxy s3

The main purpose of this post is to share how to download and install WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy s3 or (s3 mini).
There two ways to get whatsapp on your Galaxy SIII smartphone:

How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy i9020

Samsung Galaxy i9020 Hard Reset

In this guide we’ll explain how you can do a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy i9020.

How to master reset Samsung Galaxy T

How to master reset Samsung Gravity T
How to master reset Samsung Gravity T

Doing a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy T can keep the bugs at bay and everything running, read on to learn how to factory reset or master reset the Samsung Gravity T for better performance.

How to download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy s4

whatsapp samsung galaxy s3
download whatsapp for samsung galaxy s3

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4. Download Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very simple process which can be finished within few steps.

How to Un-root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3

unroot samsung galaxy ace 2.3

In the previous article , we explained How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3 , in this article i will explain how to how to un-root samsung galaxy ace 2.3.

How to Un-root Ace 2.3:

1. Download and put in sd card

2. Turn off the phone and boot into recovery .

3. To boot your phone into recovery mode,  hold HOME+POWER buttons. When the screen turns on and you see the Samsung logo, let go of POWER but keep holding HOME. After the Galaxy Ace logo shows up and disappears, you should enter recovery mode. You can let go of HOME now.

4. Now in recovery mode, you can scroll up and down using the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons and select using the HOME button.

5. Install the by scroll to the second option “apply update from sdcard” and press HOME to select.

6. Scroll to the file and select it (if you put it in a folder, find and open that folder and then select

7. After it’s done installing, select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to reboot.

Congratulations, you are officially  un-root your Galaxy Ace 2.3

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 : Hard Reset and Back to Factory Default

samsung galaxy note 8

This guide explains how to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to restore the default settings.

Hard reset can solve common problems such as crashes and application malfunctions, or rapid battery discharge. Resetting your phone will return to the factory settings, which will erase all data stored on your device’s internal memory.

  Prerequisites :Before you start resetting your smartphone, please:
Caution Remember to back up your personal data before you completely reset your phone.
Caution You must delete your Google Account before resetting your mobile.
Caution Charge the battery of your device at least 70% so that it does not discharge during the process.

Note: this manipulation has no impact on the SIM card, it only concerns the mobile.

Method 1 : Factory reset the mobile via menu setting.

To reset your Galaxy N8 from Settings menu, use the following procedure:

  1. On the home screen, swipe up to open the Apps screen.
  2. Tap the settings icon.
  3. Go to General -> Reset-> Factory data reset.
  4. Tap Reset.
  5. Tap Delete All (If you have a Samsung account or screen lock set up on your phone, you may be required to enter your credentials before proceeding.).
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Method 2 : Samsung Galaxy Note 8: reset the mobile from the keys

If you’re having problems accessing your factory data reset options through the settings then you can reset the mobile from recovery Mode using the keys. The reset by the keys will erase all the data of the mobile its back all the default settings.

  1. First, turn off Note 8: (by pressing the power button).
  2. Press and hold Volume down + Bixby key + Power button.hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with keys
  3. Wait until the mobile turns on and displays the Samsung logo.
  4. Release the Power button while holding down the Volume Button + Bixby key (located below the Volume key).
  5. The Android System Recovery menu appears and Blue Screen disappear:
  6. Release all keys.
  7. Select “wipe data / factory reset” using the Volume key – to navigate and Power button to confirm.
  8. Select “Yes — delete all user data” using the Volume button and confirm by Power Button.
  9. Wait until the next menu appears.
  10. When the Recovery Mode menu appears again select option “reboot system now“.

Let the mobile reset, the operation takes a while.

How to root samsung J1 SM-J100H

rooting SAMSUNG J1 SM-J100H
In this tutorial, you will learn How to root samsung J1 SM-J100H using Odin and iRoot. This guide is especially useful for beginners.


  • Turn on the Samsung smartphone and navigate to the About Device menu. Now check the model number on the display matches up with J100H, otherwise this guide is not for you.
  • Make sure your device is charged 70% percent of battery to perform the rooting process.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for mobile phones. Download it directly to the Windows computer you are using in conjunction with this guide.
  • Enter the phone settings and to activate “Usb Debugging”:  Settings builders possibilit USB Debugging
  • Download and extract the root file from here on the desktop of the Windows computer.
  • Download Odin here to the computer and extract the file.
  • Download the iRoot tool from here.

How to root samsung J1 SM-J100H

  1. Run the Odin program and leave it open.
  2. Completely switch off the device and boot it back up in Download Mode.
    From power off, hold the VOLUME DOWN key, then press and hold the HOME, POWER and BACK buttons to get access to the boot menu. You should see a yellow warning symbol with other yellow text on the display. Press Volume Up at this time.
    Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-J100H Download Mode
  3. Connect the Samsung J1 to the computer and you should see Odin detect your device. If not, you might need to download the USB Drivers.
  4. Click the PDA button and upload the J100H tar file you extracted from the root file in step one.
    odinv open PA
  5. Click the Start button and Odin should flash that file to your device.
  6. Once flashing process is completed your Samsung J1 will re-boot automatically
  7. Now Disconnect the J1 from the computer.
  8. Run the iRoot program and tick the box on the main screen that says “launch”.
  9. Continue to launch the iRooting tool.
  10. Connect the J1 to the computer once again and the iRoot tool will detect your smartphone.
  11. Click the Root button and wait until the tool successfully roots your device.

Blocking or unblocking contacts on Samsung

delete a number in the rejected call list

The main purpose of this post is to share how to blocking or unblocking contacts on Samsung Android phone.

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy ACE GT S5830i to Android 4 (with Video)

How To Update or upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i/ S5830 to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean based Jellyblast Custom ROM Firmware.

These methods also work on the Samsung Galaxy S5830

I. Before You Begin:

  1. The following procedure works for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 smartphones.
  2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.
  3. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device.
  4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled

II. Downloading Required Files:

Use the link from here and download the Jelly Bean update file.

Save it on your computer.

III. Install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i:

Connect the Ace with the PC (you need the USB cord for that).

Take the downloaded file from step 1 and copy it to the phone’s SD card.

Unplug the USB cable and turn off the handset.

Enter in recovery mode.

You can manage to do that by holding and pressing the Menu and Power buttons at the same time.

One the recovery mode menu is being displayed, use it and choose the next options: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” (remember to backup the data before applying this step).

Then, select “+++go back+++” and return to the main menu.

From there, select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.

You can now select the downloaded file and flash the same on your Galaxy Ace.; we are almost done.

Wait until the process is over (a couple of minutes) and in the end select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

Video : how to upgrade GT S5830i Android 2.3.6

How to make conference call on Samsung galaxy S4

conference call on Samsung Galaxy S4

How to make conference call with Samsung galaxy  S4 ?

A conference call is a telephone call in which the calling party wishes to have more than one called party listen in to the audio portion of the call.

To make a conference call on your Samsung Galaxy S4, you must follow these instructions: