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Samsung smartphones is the number one Android manufacturer in the world, Here in This section lists the tips, tutorials, and tricks that boost Android's worth. You can find some of the best Samsung Mobile Phone tutorials for beginners that help you get even more out of your device.

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

samsung galaxy S7 edge Factory reset

How to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

The reset allows you to reset the data on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to restore factory settings. A hard reset may be necessary in case if your mobile slowed down considerably or isn’t working properly,We offer 2 manipulations which may be necessary depending on the state of your device.

Before you restart your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

Before starting the hard reset or factory reset You need :

  • To backup all mobile data of your S7/S7 Edge . Such as your contact numbers, messages and conversations, photo and video, etc …
  • You also need to have at least 80% charge on your mobile battery.
  • Also remove the SD card and SIM card of your phone.

After taking the necessary steps, you can start Samsung Galaxy S7.

Method 1 : factory reset your phone from the settings menu

  1. Tap “Apps“;
  2. Select “Settings“;
  3. Select “Save and reset“;
  4. Select “Reset all data“;
  5. Press “RESET DEVICE“;
  6. Press “DELETE ALL“.

Good, your phone is like the first day!

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Method 2 : hard reset from Recovery Mode using the buttons

Perform a reset using the buttons on the terminal, only when it does not start when the battery is charged or if the screen is frozen or if you are unable to use the menu setting.

  1. Turning off your Galaxy S7 Edge.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up + Home buttons + Power galaxy S7 edge hard reset
  3. Wait until the mobile turns on and displays the Samsung logo.
  4. Release all keys when The Android System Recovery menu appears
  5. Now please wait a moment while it boots into Recovery Mode. Once you’re in Recovery Mode, you will see a list of options.
  6. After that select “wipe data / factory reset” using Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to confirm.Galaxy S7 Wipe Data Factory Reset
  7. Choose “Yes — delete all user data” to confirm wipe of all user data.
  8. Wait until the next menu appears.
  9. Then select option “reboot system now“. using the volume key to navigate and Power button to confirm.
  10. So, now your Samsung Galaxy S7 is reset and as clean as a whistle.

Let the mobile reset, the operation takes a while, the PIN will be requested at the end of operation and the mobile will begin its startup phase (activation) as when it was first put into service. All email accounts or device lock codes and modes will need to be redefined.


Hard reset or  factory reset will erase all the data on your phone.

All the operations described in this guide you are doing at your own risk.

If you have suggestions on ways to make this guide more useful, please let us know.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.3

root samsunggalaxy ace
[Tutorial] : Here’s a complete guide for rooting samsung galaxy ace

1. Download and Copy the file into your sd card. You can even put it in a folder if you want.

2. Turn your phone off

3. Boot your phone into recovery mode. To do that, hold HOME+POWER buttons. When the screen turns on and you see the Samsung logo, let go of POWER but keep holding HOME. After the Galaxy Ace logo shows up and disappears, you should enter recovery mode. You can let go of HOME now.

4. Now in recovery mode, you can scroll up and down using the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN buttons and select using the HOME button.

5. Scroll to the second option “apply update from sdcard” and press HOME to select.

6. Scroll to the file and select it (if you put it in a folder, find and open that folder and then select

7. After it’s done installing, select “reboot system now” and wait for the phone to reboot

8. To check if your phone is rooted, go to you app drawer and look for an app called superuser with an icon of a pirate android with cross bones. If you see it, your phone is rooted.

Congrats! You’ve officially rooted you galaxy ace !!

how to download and install whatsapp on Samsung Galaxy Pocket Dous

whatsapp samsung galaxy s3
download whatsapp for samsung galaxy s3

The main purpose of this post is to share how to download and install WhatsApp on Samsung Galaxy Pocket Dous.

Note : WhatsApp Messenger is supported on most Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows smartphones.

 There two ways to get whatsapp on your phone:

Easy ways to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A8

samsung galaxy A8 hard reset

If you’re having trouble with your Samsung A8 or the screen freezes or not responding to screen touch or input. This is the quick and easy reset method and will wipe your data from the device.

Remove unlock screen password Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT S7262

password unlock pattern Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT S7262

If you forget the password or unlock pattern of your Android smartphone, the Multiple of solutions are available for the problem.
Today I will show you easy ways to solve the problem when you forget the password of the lock screen.
This technique at the advantage of being simple, and work with the majority of Android smartphones.

To hard reset Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT S7262, simply follow the instructions below.

Note: – All of the user data on your phone will be lost.
– you must be the owner of the phone to perform these manipulations .

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press and hold volume up,home and then the power button.
  3. When Samsung logo appears, release all the buttons.
  4. Wait until recovery menu appears.
  5. Navigate to “wipe data/factory reset” using your volume keys and then confirm it using your power button.
  6. Select “yes – delete all user data” with your volume keys, then confirm with your power button.
  7. Wait until wipe is complete.
  8. Select “Reboot system now”
  9. That`s it! After your phone reboots, it won`t ask for a password anymore.

You may also want to watch the video below on how to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy Star Pro GT S7262.

All Samsung V200 Secrets Codes

Samsung V200 Secrets codes

The Samsung V200 Secrets Codes like is one of the longest you will come across and it lets you control nearly every feature of the phone by using the codes to access hidden menu functions and options.

* v200 Unlock Code-> *2767*7822573738#
*#9324# Netmon (press the hangup key to exit)
*#9998*JAVA# Edit GPRS/ CSD settings (S100 Only)
*#9998*Help# Help screen/ List of codes
*#9998*LOGO# Change operator Logo
*#9998*RTC# RTC Display
*#9998*Bat# Battery Status
*#9998*Buz# Turns Buzzer ON
*#9998*Vib# Turns Vibrator ON
*#9998*LCD# LCD Contrast
*#9998*9999# Softwre Version
*#9998*8888# Hardware Version
*#9998*377# NVM Error Log (?????)
*#9998*NET# SIM Network ID
*#9998*778# SIM Serv. Table
*#9998*SIM# SIM Info
*#9998*PN# Production No.
*#9998*968# Reminder Tune
*#9998*NVM# Displays Non-Volitile Memory Status
*#9999*C# ???????????????????
*#06# Displays phones I**I No.
*#9998*2576# Forces SIM Error
*#9998*DEAD# Forces Phone Crash
*2767*MEDIA# Resets the medis on the phone (deletes all downloaded
*2767*FULL# Resets the EEPRON *DANGEROUS*
*2767*CUST# Resets the Custom EEPRON
*2767*JAVA# Resets JAV downloads (deletes all downloaded midlits)
*2767*STACKRESET# Resets Stack
*2767*225RESET# ????????????????? * Dangerous *
*2767*WAP# Resets WAP Setting & Deletes Favorites

NOTE  *** They appear serious !!! Use at own risk !!!

As always if you have any other Samsung V200 Secrets Codes please send them to me so that I can add them to the above list.

How to download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy s4

whatsapp samsung galaxy s3
download whatsapp for samsung galaxy s3

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4. Download Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very simple process which can be finished within few steps.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 secrets codes

Samsung Galaxy note 8 secrets codes

Samsung galaxy note secret hidden secrets codes

With these secret codes, you can check and test features in your samsung galaxy note .

How to download and install viber on samsung gt s5570

viber on samsung gt s5570

Viber is a free application that allows free calls and text over VoIP, supported through 3G and Wifi, allowing users to make often expensive international calls at no cost.

How to download and install viber on Samsung :

How to reset samsung gt s5300

reset samsung gt s5300

There are two methodes to Factory Reset samsung gt s5300