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As Smartphone gets popularized, Here at we make a lot of the best tricks, hacks and hidden features to help you get even more out of your Smartphone or BlackBerry.

How to use voice control command on BlackBerry Z10

voice control command on BlackBerry Z10

The Blackberry Z10 has Voice Control , that allows the user to operate the phone by spoken commands.

The Voice Control commands can make multitasking easier by allowing you to perform a variety of actions and tasks with your voice.

How to Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy i9020

Samsung Galaxy i9020 Hard Reset

In this guide we’ll explain how you can do a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy i9020.

5 things to do Before Factory Resetting Hard Reset Android phone

What is a checklist of things to do consider before hard resetting your Android phone?

hard reset HTC Android Phones
5 things to do before to start hard resetting your Android phone:

How to hard reset HTC Android Phones

hard reset samsung galaxy

HTC Android Phones Hard reset Guide :

Describes how you can hard reset HTC Android phones settings.

How to hard reset Chinese Smartphone Android XP1

hard reset Chinese Smartphone Android XP1

Chinese Android Smartphone XP1 Hard reset

In this guide we’ll explain how you can do a factory reset on your Chinese Android XP1.

How to Enter ODIN and Recovery Modes on Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung Verizon Galaxy S4

In this post you will find instructions on how you can easily entering the ODIN/Download mode and recovery mode on your samsung galaxy S4 .By pressing some buttons at the same time you can enter into download mode or recovery mode.

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy ACE GT S5830i to Android 4 (with Video)

How To Update or upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i/ S5830 to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean based Jellyblast Custom ROM Firmware.

These methods also work on the Samsung Galaxy S5830

I. Before You Begin:

  1. The following procedure works for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 smartphones.
  2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.
  3. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device.
  4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled

II. Downloading Required Files:

Use the link from here and download the Jelly Bean update file.

Save it on your computer.

III. Install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i:

Connect the Ace with the PC (you need the USB cord for that).

Take the downloaded file from step 1 and copy it to the phone’s SD card.

Unplug the USB cable and turn off the handset.

Enter in recovery mode.

You can manage to do that by holding and pressing the Menu and Power buttons at the same time.

One the recovery mode menu is being displayed, use it and choose the next options: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” (remember to backup the data before applying this step).

Then, select “+++go back+++” and return to the main menu.

From there, select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.

You can now select the downloaded file and flash the same on your Galaxy Ace.; we are almost done.

Wait until the process is over (a couple of minutes) and in the end select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

Video : how to upgrade GT S5830i Android 2.3.6

BlackBerry z10 full phone specifications

hard reset Blackberry Z10

The BlackBerry Z10, the first full touch smartphone running BlackBerry 10 operating system.

BlackBerry z10 specifications.

Pending Official Release and According BB blog , the Z10 will have :

All Samsung V200 Secrets Codes

Samsung V200 Secrets codes

The Samsung V200 Secrets Codes like is one of the longest you will come across and it lets you control nearly every feature of the phone by using the codes to access hidden menu functions and options.

* v200 Unlock Code-> *2767*7822573738#
*#9324# Netmon (press the hangup key to exit)
*#9998*JAVA# Edit GPRS/ CSD settings (S100 Only)
*#9998*Help# Help screen/ List of codes
*#9998*LOGO# Change operator Logo
*#9998*RTC# RTC Display
*#9998*Bat# Battery Status
*#9998*Buz# Turns Buzzer ON
*#9998*Vib# Turns Vibrator ON
*#9998*LCD# LCD Contrast
*#9998*9999# Softwre Version
*#9998*8888# Hardware Version
*#9998*377# NVM Error Log (?????)
*#9998*NET# SIM Network ID
*#9998*778# SIM Serv. Table
*#9998*SIM# SIM Info
*#9998*PN# Production No.
*#9998*968# Reminder Tune
*#9998*NVM# Displays Non-Volitile Memory Status
*#9999*C# ???????????????????
*#06# Displays phones I**I No.
*#9998*2576# Forces SIM Error
*#9998*DEAD# Forces Phone Crash
*2767*MEDIA# Resets the medis on the phone (deletes all downloaded
*2767*FULL# Resets the EEPRON *DANGEROUS*
*2767*CUST# Resets the Custom EEPRON
*2767*JAVA# Resets JAV downloads (deletes all downloaded midlits)
*2767*STACKRESET# Resets Stack
*2767*225RESET# ????????????????? * Dangerous *
*2767*WAP# Resets WAP Setting & Deletes Favorites

NOTE  *** They appear serious !!! Use at own risk !!!

As always if you have any other Samsung V200 Secrets Codes please send them to me so that I can add them to the above list.

How to Unlock the SIM-lock for iphone on jailbroken 1.1.1

unlock the SIM-lock for iphone on jailbroken

How to Unlock the SIM-lock on jailbroken 1.1.1 iphone.

These are easy steps for unlock the SIM-lock on jailbroken 1.1.1