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As Smartphone gets popularized, Here at we make a lot of the best tricks, hacks and hidden features to help you get even more out of your Smartphone or BlackBerry.

How to fix error 495 problem on samsung galaxy ?

fix error 495 samsung

The 495 error code appears while attempting to download apps or games in the Google Play Store over WiFi. This Error 495 can be fixed by doing the steps below.

How to take screenshot in Xiaomi MIUI 6

screenshot on Xiaomi MIUI 6

There are two main ways that you can take a screenshot on Xiaomi MIUI 6

How to fix could not activate cellular data network error

could not activate cellular data network

iPhone: Error “Could not activate cellular data network”

Are you facing problems with the error message which says ““.
A lot of people seem to be getting this error. The problem of cellular data iPhone has usually occurred following the update iOS 11.2 / 11.0.3 / 11, the jailbreak, etc. It may happen that cellular data does not work for some apps like WhatsApp, Instagram,

How to fix could not activate cellular data network

Here’s are some ways to fix these cellular data issues that does not work on iPhone or iPad:

Disable and enable cellular data

Some report that iPhone cellular data is only available for voice calls or for certain apps after the iOS 11 update. So make sure the cell data stays on.
Just go to Settings> Cellular Data. Tap the button to activate it. Then tap the button again to deactivate.

Check the operator update on iPhone

From time to time, mobile operators publish an update to improve network compatibility with your iPhone. If you have the error unable to activate the cellular data network, check if an update is available and install it to avoid incompatibilities.
You can check it by going to Settings> General> Information.

Enable or disable airplane mode

Open Control Center and activate Airplane mode. Then turn it off after 30 seconds. The iOS device starts searching for the signals and the connection.

Reset network settings

If you can only connect to Wi-Fi when you want to go on the Internet, try network restore or restore all settings. In Settings, go to Reset. Choose Reset network settings and confirm by entering the required code.

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For T-Mobile Operator

This method will work for an AT&T model iPhone 6, and for the Plus models:

  1. Call 611
  2. Wait until prompts are given, then press 0 for Operator
  3. During next prompts choose 6 for “More Options”
  4. Then at next prompts press 1 for “Technical Support”
  5. Then say “Data Services”
  6. Call will be routed to the correct queue

The AT&T Rep turned on a “feature” on your account by adding “NXTGENGPO” to your internet settings. This was all done on the backend at AT&T.

  • New turned OFF Cellular Data (in Settings – Cellular)
  • AT&T Rep added “NXTGENGPO” to your interned settings on the backend
  • Turned Cellular Data back ON after it was added
  • Cycled the phone off/on.

How to wipe iphone 5 or iPad to factory settings

With iOS 7 or later, Find My iPhone includes a new feature called Activation Lock, which is turned on automatically when you set up Find My iPhone. Activation Lock makes it harder for anyone to use or sell your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it’s ever lost or stolen.

How to synchronize contacts on Blackberry Z10

hard reset Blackberry Z10

Synchronize your contacts with the Blackberry z10 operating system

if you have your contacts and calendar information in your Windows Live system, either syncing with Outlook or having manually imported them, you now need to use your Live account on your new BlackBerry z10 cellphone.

How do I Set Up BB z10 Microsoft® ActiveSync ?

How to Hard Reset or iBall Factory Wipe

iBall Factory Wipe or Hard Reset
iBall Factory Wipe or Hard Reset

Restore factory settings :

This function allows you to reset most of the phone settings to the original settings. The phone password is needed to access this function. The default password is 42255

iBall Factory Wipe or Hard Reset

Follow Some Simple Steps fro Factory Wipe or Hard Reset:

  1. Firstly,Turn Off Your iBall Tablet.
  2. Press Volume Up,Volume Down and Power Button together.
  3. Holding these three button you will able to see Android Logo.
  4. Now,Recovery Menu will appear.
  5. From Recovery Menu Select Data/Factory Reset.
  6. Select it with the help of volume up button and execute it from power button.
  7. This will lead to restart of your tablet.

iball Andi 3.5 hard-reset

  1. Press vol+ button + power key
  2. Enter into factory mode
  3. Clear flash.

WARNING : Performing a hard reset deletes all of your user data ( pictures, videos, music …), Please remember to backup any important data before performing a Hard Reset.

How to set up Blacada app for google voice account on Blackberry

setup blacada google voice for balckberry

BlaCaDa (Blackberry calling card Dialer) is an app Lite helps you dial long sequences of numbers when using calling cards or other calling services.

This article will show you how to setup BlaCaDa for Gvoice  account on Blackbery.

How to Protect your iPhone 3G with a Passcode

Protect iPhone 3G with a Passcode

How to Protecting your iPhone 3G with a Passcode

If you use your iPhone in your business ! and If you have sensitive or confidential information on your phone, or if you want to avoid digital joyrides that run up massive roaming or data charges, you need to truly lock your iPhone 3G.

You can add an extra passcode to your iPhone that must be entered before anyone can use it.

Take these steps to set up your passcode:

1. On the Home screen, click Settings : The Settings application appears.

2. Tap General: The General screen appears.

3. Tap Passcode Lock: The Set Passcode screen appears,.

4. Tap your four-digit passcode: For security, the numbers appear in the Enter a passcode box as dots.When you finish, iPhone 3G prompts you to reenter the passcode.

5. Tap your four-digit passcode again: With your passcode now active, iPhone 3G displays the Passcode Lock screen. (You can also get to this screen by tapping Settings in the Home screen, then General, then Passcode Lock.)This screen offers four buttons:

Turn Passcode Off: If you want to stop using your passcode, tap this button, and then enter the passcode (for security; otherwise an interloper could just shut off the passcode).

Change Passcode: Tap this button to enter a new passcode. (Note that you first need to enter your old passcode, and then enter the new passcode.)

Require Passcode: This setting determines how much time elapses before the iPhone 3G locks the phone and requests the passcode.The default setting is Immediately, which means you see the Enter Passcode screen , as soon as you finish dragging Slide to Unlock.The other options are After 1 minute,After 5 minutes,After 15 minutes, After 1 hour, and After 4 hours.Use one of these settings if you want to be able to work with your iPhone 3G for a bit before getting locked out.

For example, the After 1 minute option is good if you need to quickly check e-mail without having to enter your password.

Show SMS Preview: When this setting in On, iPhone 3G still displays a preview of an incoming SMS text message when it’s locked; if you prefer not to show SMS text message previews when iPhone 3G is locked, change this setting to Off.

With the passcode activated, when you bring the iPhone 3G out of standby, you drag the Slide to Unlock slider as usual, and then the Enter Passcode screen appears. Type your passcode to unlock the iPhone 3G.

How to reformat settings cherry mobile burst 2.0 ?

cherry mobile burst hard reset

Here how can you cherry mobile burst 2.0 hard reset

Before doing the reset, keep out the SIM card as it affects the contacts on it. It can be deleted so check it before doing so.

How to install Whatsapp on Sony Ericsson

WhatsApp Group Names Collection

WhatsApp Messenger for Sony Ericson is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

For download the whatapps in your device for this you are simply follow some of the steps.