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As Smartphone gets popularized, Here at we make a lot of the best tricks, hacks and hidden features to help you get even more out of your Smartphone or BlackBerry.

Intex Aqua : How to unlock forget pattern lock or hard reset

unlock forget pattern screen lock or reset your intex aqua mobile
unlock forget pattern screen lock or reset your intex aqua mobile

This tutorial will show you how to unlock forget pattern screen lock or hard reset your intex aqua mobile device without knowing the pattern or you forgot your password?

Unlock intex aqua pattern lock

Remember: Once your Intex Aqua has been reset, all the data and applications that saved on your phone will be lost. To secure the important data and files, save it first before resetting your device.

Method 1 : Factory data reset using Setting Menu

  1. Switch on your device using Power button.
  2. Then from the Home Screen open Menu and choose Settings.
  3. After that select “Backup & Reset” and tap” Factory data reset”.
  4. Choose Reset device and select Erase everything to begin hard reset operation.


Method 2 : Hard reset From recovery Mode

If you cannot use “Factory data reset” function in Settings menu, you can use Recovery mode to reset your device and unlock forget pattern lock.

  1. Switch off your dovice using Power key.
  2. Press and Hold the volume up + power button for few seconds.
    Hard Reset Intex Aqua
  3. Release pressed keys when the system recovery screen with the Android robot logo in the background.
  4. From the menu on the screen select option Recovery, by using Volume Up to scroll and Volume Down to confirm.
  5. When an Android Image displays on the screen press the Power button to enter Recovery Mode.
  6. Use Volume Down to choose “wipe data/factory reset“, and then push the Power button to confirm.
  7. Select “Yes–delete all user data“. Use Volume buttons to scroll and Power to select.
  8. To restart the phone, select “reboot system now“.

Done! Thats it hard reset done and all lock pattern removed.

For more helpful tips how to hard reset intex aqua Sx and remove pattern lock here is the video tutorial to help you out.

How to download and install whatsapp on Huawei Ascend

whatsapp huawei ascend

The official Whatsapp messenger is one of the most renowned mobile messenger app on mobile devices that allow users to make free calls, send SMS, videos and images to other Whatsapp users for free for the first year and a small yearly subscription of $0.99 USD.

In this tutorial we will show you how to download and install whatsapp on Huawei Ascend Android phone which fully support the Whatsapp messenger.

Note: The official Whatsapp messenger requires smart phones to have at least a 2.1 Android operating system installed .

There are three ways you can use to download and install Whatsapp messenger on on Huawei Ascend smartphone.

From Google play store:

From the official Whatsapp`s webpage.

  • Launch the internet browser on your Huawei and navigate to the website :
  • Tap downloads.
  • Then simply open the downloaded file to install it on your phone.

Download and install whatsapp from computer :

  • In your pc open this link:
  • Then click “Download Now”.
  • After downloading the Whatsapp apk file, transfer it to your SD card or directly to your device using cable usb.
  • Navigate to the desired file located on your SD card.
  • Then open the downloaded Whatsapp file to install.

To activate the official Whatsapp messenger, here`s the proper procedures:

  1. Open the newly installed Whatsapp messenger.
  2. A new pop-up window will appear (Terms and Condition).
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Enter your country code and your new mobile number.
  5. Wait for the code to be sent on your handset.
  6. Enter the verification code to the Whatsapp verification window.
  7. After verification, the Whatsapp messenger installed on your Huawei Ascend Y220 handset will now be verified.

SUMMARY: The above procedures will help you correctly download, install and verify the official Whatsapp messenger on your Huawei Ascend handset.

Apple iPhone’s 5s secrets codes

iphone secrets guide

The iPhone 5S is, unsurprisingly, one the the most hotly rumoured phones. Here is the roundup of  a few great features hidden iphone 5 secrets which you may not know about.

15+ Hidden Apple iPhone Secrets Codes and hacks

Hidden Apple iPhone Secrets Codes

Do you know that there are some hidden codes on mobile phones that very few users know about? These hidden codes will allow you to get full information on your iPhone and see or change the settings used to reset iphone. For these codes to work, Simply open your iPhone’s “phone app” and make sure that the keypad button is selected in the bottom menu. Then, type in the code from the list below and press call:

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iPhone Secret Codes List For Unlocking Hidden Features

  1. *#06# display IMEI number.
  2. *777# and tap Call. Show the balance amount if prepaid .
  3. *646# and tap Call. Call minute balance postpaid phone.
  4. *#21# and tap Call. Call feature setup (enabled / disabled) for voice, data, fax, SMS, sync, async, access package, call forwarding.
  5. *#30# and touch call. Caller-ID display check (on / off)
  6. *#33# – Displays call barring settings for your iPhone, and weather they are enabled or disabled.
  7. *#76# and touch call. Connected call screen check (on / off)
  8. *#43# – Shows you if call waiting for various parts of your phone are either enabled or disabled.
  9. *#61# and tap Call. Call with a number of services (no-answer)
  10. *#62# and tap Call. Call Forwarding number without service (non-ring)
  11. *#67# and tap Call. Call when the number occupied
  12. *#33# and # touch call. Check outgoing call services for call-barring (enabled / disabed)
  13. *#31# (+ number of the person to call) Hides your number and make Your Mobile Phone Number Appear As a Private Number.
  14. *3001#12345#* This code launches an application called “Field Test” (a hidden application). Field Test Mode is a hidden feature on the iPhone which allows you to see technical details of the device, the most useful of which is the true cell signal strength displayed as a number rather than the traditional signal bars or dots.
  15. *225# and tap Call. Bill Balance. (Postpaid only).

Do you have any other iPhone keypad codes / shortcuts to share? Let us know in the comments and also be sure to check out other MessiphonesOf iPhone Tips and hacks here.

ZTE Hard Reset | How to perform a factory reset zte android phone

hard reset zte phone

If your ZTE device locks up, the first thing always to do is to reboot or reset the phone. Befor you opt for Factory reset to sort out the problem, reboot your phone then remove the battery and put it back. If it doesnt fix the issue, then you should to perform a hard reset or factory reset.

How to factory reset zte phone android ?

Option 1 : Factory reset using the settings menu.

  1. From the Home screen, press the Menu Key and touch Settings.
  2. Touch the Privacy
  3. Touch Factory data reset.
  4. Touch Reset phone.
  5. Touch Erase everything

Option 2 : Hard reset from recovery menu with hardware keys.

If the device menus are frozen or black screen, or will not respond when the power button is pressed. This trick is also useful if you’re zte its locked , forget your PIN or pattern, you can master reset using hardware keys.

How to reset a zte phone when its locked ?

  1. Power off the phone remove the battery and put it back. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons until the ZTE logo screen appears, then release.
    Press the Volume down key to show the Android system recovery menu.
  2. Press the Volume down key until “wipe data/factory reset” is highlighted, and then press the Power key.
    zte hard reset
  3. Press the Volume down key until Yes — delete all user data is highlighted, and then press the Power key.
    ftm mode zte delete all user data
  4. After the data wipe is complete, with “reboot system now” highlighted, press the Power key to reset the device
  5. The handset will restart.

Option3: ZTE Hard Reset into FTM mode

This is a guide on how to factory data reset/hard reset/ also getting into FTM mode

  1. Remove the battery from your ZTE
  2. Press and hold the volume down button then connect ZTE on the PC or laptop via the USB cable.
  3. Release the Volume key , once FTM appears on the screen.
    zte ftm mode hard reset
  4. Launch the downloaded ROM upgrade application.
  • Performing a zte hard reset removes all data including the Google account, system data, app data, app settings, and downloaded apps. Only perform a hard reset if absolutely necessary.
  • Pictures, videos and music are also removed, it’s recommended to backup this data.

Congratulations!!. Your zte phone will surely show up the home screen now and you have fixed zte Problem. Let us know in the Comments whether your problem is solved or not. Feel free to ask any questions if you face any problem or difficulty. Please share it and subscribe to our blog. Sharing buttons are below and subscription box is at the end.

How to unlock Nokia Asha 205 if I forgot passcode

How to unlock the nokia asha 205 password
How to unlock the nokia asha 205 password

What to do if you forget your Nokia asha 205 password ?

In this tutorial, we will explain how to unlock the nokia asha 205 if you have forgotten the passcode or password and you have no copy of it , your only option now to be able to unlock and use your device is by resetting it .

Here are some instruction on to reset your Nokia asha 205:

Unlocking Nokia BB5 Phones Guide

Unlocking Nokia BB5 Phones

Unlocking Nokia BB5 Phones Guide

This method does not work with all phones BB5 only the phones from the following list

Nokia 6630 RAP3G v2.10E PANokia BB5 Mobile Phones

Nokia 6680 RAP3G v2.0E PA

Nokia 6681 RAP3G v2.0E PA

Nokia E60 RAP3G v2.20E PA

Nokia E65 RAP3G v2.20E PA

Nokia E70 RAP3G v2.20E PA

Nokia N70 RAP3G v2.20 PA

Nokia N71 RAP3G v2.20 PA

Nokia N90 RAP3G v2.11 PA

Nokia N91 RAP3G v2.20E PA

Nokia N93 RAP3GS v2.0E PA

Here’s How!:

For unlock your phone, you need to have the following cables: DKU-5 or CA-42 With these cables you can connect your telephone of Nokia with your computer via USB port.

NOTE: No other cable will work because ONLY DKU-5 & CA-42 support FBUS.

(Pop-port cables DKU-2, CA-43 & CA-52 will not work since they do not support FBUS.)

You must have the latest version of that cable driver.

Note that phones with only a USB port(N91, N93i & Nokia N95) will need to use an unlocking/flashing box like JAF along with a COM Emulator to unlock. Please see this forum for more details.

Instructions:(Battery must be completely charged & any SIM card must be removed.)

1. download the BB5 Unlocker

2. Next to install the bb5 unlocking software ,Unzip in a folder & run `install.bat`

Unlocking Nokia bb5

3. Connect your phone with cable to PC. Turn on your phone.

4. you can tell if it has by going into your device manager as shown below looking under the tab that says ports as mine shows it says usb to serial bridge (com3) you need to make a note of the com number that its been assigned for the next step.

5. Open file c:/bb5_unlocker/logs/bb5_unlocker.cfg and write here pro COM port (1 to 9).

6 . Now if all has gone ok make sure you phone is plugged into the computer, and it is turned off, it must be turned off to start it properly

7. Run c:/bb5 unlocker/BB5logunlocker.exe , As you can see from the screenshot the program is working through com3.

6. Now turn your phone on, when the nokia logo appears press the read phone button .Click READ PHONE , within a few seconds you should see you data appear. If it works ok

7. Click MAKE LOG, log will be created in the folder LOGS. This log contains your unlock codes.

8. Enter codes to phone manually,

Note : to enter code manually.

Remove sim first.

Press * 3 times for p

Press * 4 times for w

Press * 2 times for +

“Phone restrictions off” means unlocked.


9. Click SP UNLOCK to enter codes via FBU

How to fix ipod white screen grey multiple colored vertical lines

fix ipod touch white screen grey

If you have a white screen grey and multiple colored vertical lines in your ipod touch, don’t panic ! The solution is thankfully very simple.

How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy ACE GT S5830i to Android 4 (with Video)

How To Update or upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i/ S5830 to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean based Jellyblast Custom ROM Firmware.

These methods also work on the Samsung Galaxy S5830

I. Before You Begin:

  1. The following procedure works for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 smartphones.
  2. Make sure your device have at least 80% battery power.
  3. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device.
  4. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled

II. Downloading Required Files:

Use the link from here and download the Jelly Bean update file.

Save it on your computer.

III. Install Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i:

Connect the Ace with the PC (you need the USB cord for that).

Take the downloaded file from step 1 and copy it to the phone’s SD card.

Unplug the USB cable and turn off the handset.

Enter in recovery mode.

You can manage to do that by holding and pressing the Menu and Power buttons at the same time.

One the recovery mode menu is being displayed, use it and choose the next options: “wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition” (remember to backup the data before applying this step).

Then, select “+++go back+++” and return to the main menu.

From there, select “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card”.

You can now select the downloaded file and flash the same on your Galaxy Ace.; we are almost done.

Wait until the process is over (a couple of minutes) and in the end select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

Video : how to upgrade GT S5830i Android 2.3.6

How to hard Reset Sony Xperia M(C2004/C2005DUAL)

hard reset Sony Xperia M

However, in this page we explain how to factory reset Sony Xperia M if it is locked up or frozen.

If you’re having issues with Sony Xperia M, you can try one of this option to hard reset your Sony Xperia M (C1904/C1905, C2004/C2005 DUAL) phones carefully.

See also :

Option 1: Hard Reset with Software Menu :

To perform a factory data reset using the Settings menu, follow these steps :

  1. Make sure the battery is charge properly
  2. Turn on SONY XPERIA M (C1904/C1905) & (C2004/C2005 DUAL) smartphone
  3. Go to menu: Setting > Backup & reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone
  4. Choose Erase everything to continue and confirm you ready to do the format SONY XPERIA M .
  5. Your phone will continue the step until ready to use in clean factory default.

Option 2 :  Hard Reset with Flashtool applications

To perform a factory data reset using the Flashtool applications, follow these steps :

  1. Install drivers for your Sony Xperia
  2. You need to ensure that your PC has all of the necessary drivers installed for your Sony Xperia device. The best way to do this is to install Sony PC Companion.
  3. Install Flashtool: Download and install Flashtool from the official website here.
  4. Enable “USB debugging” and “Unknown sources” on your Sony Xperia device
  5. Make that the battery is charge properly or full charge
  6. Power off your dovice
  7. Boot your XPERIA to flashmode by:
    1. Press and hold the Volume Down button
    2. Connect to your PC using a USB Cable while holding down the Volume Down button on your Xperia M
    3. Your Xperia Z should be in Flash Mode now and the device’s LED light should turn into Green
  8. The tool automatically detects the phone model and lists available software versions, which are called Services in this flash tool.
    hard reset sony xperia M with flash tool
  9. Click on Apply Service. The phone will now be flashed.
  10. When you have flashed your device, you can disconnect your phone from the computer. The first time you start your device after you have flashed it, the boot-up might take a little longer than normal.

Option 3 : Hard Reset with Hardware Key Button

  1. Make sure the battery fully charge
  2. Do not forget to backup all important data
  3. Turn off your phone.
  4. Press and Hold together: Power Button + Volume Up Button for several seconds
  5. Release all keys when you see Service menu on screen
  6. Select Factory Reset using volume buttons
  7. Press Power key to confirm
  8. Phone will hard reset

That is all!

Option 4 : Hard Reset Sony Xperia M C1904/C1905 by Code

How To Hard Reset Sony Xperia M C1904/C2004 by Code:

  1. Power on Your Sony Xperia M C2004/C1905
  2. On dialer enter this code: *#*#7378423#*#*
  3. On the screen Select -> Customization Settings Then select -> Reset customization and confirm.
  4. Sony Xperia M C1904/C1905 will do the process to Master Reset to
  5. Factory Default, wait for several minutes.
Disclaimer: Please read the following instructions thoroughly before attempting to flash your phone. Messiphones Blog absolves itself from any responsibility should something go wrong. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.