Manual configuration MMS in LG KP500 Cell Phone

Here’s how to do it for configuration MMS in Lg KP500:

1. Select the Menu tab

2. Go to the Settings tab

3. Select Connectivity

4. Select Access Points

5. Add / modify the following fields

Connection name: MMS LUXGSM

Authentication: PAP

Username: mms

Password: mms

6. Select Save

7. Select Back 1 time

8. Select the Internet Profile

9. Select Add new profile

10. Add / modify the following fields

Service Title: MMS LUXGSM

IP Address: 194,154,192,088

Access point: select MMS LUXGSM

Proxy Port: 8080

11. Select Save

12. Return to main menu

13. Select Messaging

14. Select Message Settings

15. Select MMS

16. Select MMS Center

17. Select Add center

18. Add / modify the following fields



Internet profile: Select LUXGSM

19. Return to main menu

Your device is now configured for MMS Service


    • Hold down the VOLUME DOWN button, MENU button (the one on the keyboard), and CAMERA button for about 5-10 seconds, and a message will come up asking if you want to factory reset the phone.


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