International phone number format

How to write a valid mobile phone number in international format

To call outside his country, it is necessary to indicate a sequence that is to be out of the country (usually marked “+”) followed by the identifier of the destination country. Therefore, each number has two formats, one when the call is internal to the country and the other international told to call any country.

For example : what is the international format number of USA.

A valid USA phone number in international format is as the following example:

International phone number format

To better understand, if your phone number is (123) 456 – 7890 and are in the United States then it would be +11234567890 (USA Country Code is 1), the internationally formatted number should only contain the digits 0123456789; without spaces or punctuation.

Other examples:

To make international call phone number in Australia (02 9876 5432) from the United States, you would add Australia country code 61 country codes, , drop the 0,then the number.
So calling the example number would be + 61298765432.

Send SMS or MMS

you must follow the same steps to send a MMS or text message

This is a list of country codes calling or dial in code

Argentina (54)
Brazil (55)
Canada (1)
Chile (56)
China (86)
Rgypt (20)
France (33)
Hong Kong (852)
Mexico (52)
Philippines (63)
Saudi Arabia (966)
South Korea (82)
United Kingdom (44)
USA (1)