Best international calling cards plans

International calling cards

International calling cards is another way to make cheap international calling when you are going on a round-the-world trip

Advantage of international calling card

Compared with (pc to pc calls, pc to phone calls or phone to phone calls ) that if you don’t need a computer, not to be connected to the internet,

international calling cards

Mobile Phone cards are easily available at local shops, supermarkets and travel agencies. Mobile phone cards are available in prepaid and postpaid forms. Prepaid cards are more in use. Prepaid cards can be disposable or refillable.International Calling Cards have many advantages besides lowering down call charges. You get total control over your call expenses.
But before you buy them, it is mandatory to check if they have any conditions that are not blatantly expressed.

How to Choose the Best International Phone Card

When you want to select the best international calling card, here are some of the features to look at, along with the pricing per phone card:

1. Low per minute rates aren’t always the best deal

This is the number one feature of a prepaid calling card. Rate offered must be reasonable.

2. Credit Card validity periods :

Validity period (the expire date of credit card): indicating the validity of your card

3. Watch for hidden fees

Hidden fees are a very big problem in the calling card industry. Calling cards come with many hidden fees that are less well-known than the rate per minute that is advertised as their primary monetary cost.

4. customer service :

One of the most helpful features for any calling card is having a 24/7 customer service. You never know when you may have technical or other trouble when using a card

6.See if you can use a pay phone with your calling card:

When traveling, it is very convenient to make international phone calls using common pay phones that you find on streets, malls, airports, train stations. In some countries, calling cards may provide toll free numbers (Such as 1-800 in USA).

6. ask your friends and acquaintances who are already used international calling cards

Selecting the right calling card for your needs should be a low stress decision, I hope that this article will manage to choose the best international calling cards plans.