How to install the Whatsapp app in Nokia XL

install Whatsapp app in Nokia XL

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging application for smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry. In The Tutorial We show you how you can install and use WhatsApp from Nokia XL

Now if you are one of those people who is struggling to use Whatsapp in their devices, Here are the steps he followed to install the Whatsapp:

1. First change the date to may or april i.e., change your date to before june (i suppose, it is because the update of whatsapp came on 9th june).

2. Download the old version of WhatsApp (i.e.,2.11.238) – use only nokia browser, don’t use Play Store or Mobile Market…

3. Install it and Run it.

4. Complete verification and complete the procedure, update the contacts.

5. Chat with one or more contacts… so that you may have backup info about Whatsapp to get a Widget.

6. Now change the date to Present date and reboot(restart) the phone.

7. After rebooting the phone to present date, it says whatsapp is an obsolete version and suggest you to install latest version. click download (download using the nokia browser, NO Play store or NO mobile markets).

8. Now download the file and install manually, it will ask you to upgrade the version and click install. (don’t uninstall previous whatsapp),

9. Now you have the Whatsapp with latest version and with present date…

But access the app from Fastlane or using Widget. if you open using the icon then it shows error.
Uninstall the Whatsapp+ if you already have.