How to use htc sync manager on pc

htc sync manager on pc

The HTC Sync Manager is a free application for computer that helps HTC smartphone to sync all media files to and from your computer

Before start please make sure that you have installed the correct and compatible version of HTC Sync Manager on the computer as there are some basic requirements for the same to run perfectly on the computer.

Here is the official link for from HTC for the same

Link :

Once the system requirements matches with your  system then follow the installation instructions :

Installation Instructions

1. Select the file “HTC Sync” and Click Download below to download “setup _ xx.exe” to your PC.

2. Run “setup_xx.exe” to install it to your PC, and follow the Install Shield Wizard to finish the installation.

(Suggestion: Please close all running programs and temporarily exit your anti-virus program when you install the HTC Sync)

3. Select the “Complete” Setup Type for faster and easier installation process, and then press “Install” to begin the installation.

(For advanced users you could choose “Custom” to change the pre-defined shortcuts and the installed application folder path by your own.)

4. After you saw the Install Shield Wizard Completed, please press “Finish” to exit the Wizard.

Start to use HTC Sync

1. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to the PC

2. When your phone prompts you to choose a type of USB connection, tap HTC Sync, and then tap Done.

3. Wait for HTC Sync to recognize your phone.

On the Device setup screen, enter a name for your phone.

4. Click Save. The Device panel then opens.

On the Device panel, you can set your sync options, see your phones general information, check the used and available space on your storage card, and begin synchronization.

Tips: If you cannot see the HTC Sync option when you connect your phone to the computer via USB, please follow the Instructions below:

1. Make sure you select USB Debugging in Settings > Applications > Development before connecting your phone to the computer

2. Connect you Phone to the PC and wait 20 seconds for your phone to install HTC Sync on your phone. 3. Unplug the USB sync cable. Wait for 5 seconds. Reconnect the Phone to the PC using the USB cable.

4. Select “HTC sync” and wait for HTC Sync to recognize your Phone.

This process could take up to a minute your first time connecting to the computer.

 Note : The installation process takes around one minute. It is still recommended that you close all programs on your PC prior to starting the installation program and do not open any applications or files while the installation is in process.

This should work like a charm In case of the same problem you can try and install the Windows 7 drivers and then check it out Link :

Another way out will be installing the software in backward compatibility mode as with Windows 8 there are compatibility issues

Follow the instructions to install it compatibility mode

> Right click on “setup_xx.exe” to your PC.

> Click on troubleshoot compatibility

> It will open up a wizard and test the compatibility settings

> Once done it will give you an option to start the program, Click on it and will launch the application recommended compatibility settings .