How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge

In this article, we will teach you how to hard reset or perform a factory data reset for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

If you have any problems with your Samsung Galaxy S6 frozen, Error code or has been infected with a virus or malware, If you forgot the security code or pattern lock your phone .

All This problem can be resolved by Restore Factory Settings ( Hard reset). This will restore your smartphone to original factory settings but also lose all data on your device.

So, it is extremely important to backup your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge before resetting the phone.

How to hard reset Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to factory setting.

Method 1:

You can easily make a factory reset the settings menu from your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, so If you’ve already backed up your files, you can return your phone to factory settings easily through the settings menu.

  1. Press “Apps”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Save and Reset”
  4. Select “Factory data by default.”
  6. Press “DELETE”.
  7. The first boot is still long because you have to set up your mobile again.

Method 2 :

if you are unable to access the phone’s settings, you have to boot into Galaxy S6 recovery mode and use it to factory reset the device.

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How to factory reset samsung galaxy s6 in recovery mode

  1. Your phone must be turned off
  2. Press and hold “Volume Up” + “Home” + “Power” buttons simultaneously.recovery mode samsung s6
  3. When the Samsung logo appears, release the “Power” button, but continue to hold “Volume Up” and “Home“.
  4. When the “Android system recovery” screen appears, release all buttons.
  5. Use the “Volume Down” button to toggle the selection to “wipe data/factory reset“, then press “Power” to choose that selection.
  6. Use the “Volume Down” button to toggle the selection to “Yes — delete all user data“, then press “Power” to choose that selection.hard reset samsung S6 in recovery mode
  7. Wait for the reset to finish. You will eventually be prompted to “Reboot system now“. Press “Power” to choose that selection.
  8. Well done!! The hard reset has just been performed.


Note : These hard reset methods can be applied to models SM-G920A, SM-G920F, SM-G920T, G920P, SM-G920V, SM-G9200, SM-G920FQ, SM-G920W8, SM-G920R4 and SM-920I.