How to Hard Reset or iBall Factory Wipe

iBall Factory Wipe or Hard Reset

Restore factory settings :

This function allows you to reset most of the phone settings to the original settings. The phone password is needed to access this function. The default password is 42255

iBall Factory Wipe or Hard Reset

Follow Some Simple Steps fro Factory Wipe or Hard Reset:

  1. Firstly,Turn Off Your iBall Tablet.
  2. Press Volume Up,Volume Down and Power Button together.
  3. Holding these three button you will able to see Android Logo.
  4. Now,Recovery Menu will appear.
  5. From Recovery Menu Select Data/Factory Reset.
  6. Select it with the help of volume up button and execute it from power button.
  7. This will lead to restart of your tablet.

iball Andi 3.5 hard-reset

  1. Press vol+ button + power key
  2. Enter into factory mode
  3. Clear flash.

WARNING : Performing a hard reset deletes all of your user data ( pictures, videos, music …), Please remember to backup any important data before performing a Hard Reset.