How to download whatsapp on nokia

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Originally, WhatsApp is for those phones who have an operating system such as android, ios, blackberry os, windows and symbian. Knowing this fact alone means you cannot download whatsapp on your device.

Fortunately, there are great programmers that managed to create a JAVA WhatsApp that is compatible for several phones.

Now, to install WhatsApp in your Nokia, please do follow the methods below:
Download WhatsApp.

You can download WhatsApp using any of these links:

After downloading, you need to put it inside your phone`s memory.

For this, please do proceed to this next step:
Connect your Nokia to your PC/Laptop.
➀ Look for a USB cable that is compatible with your Nokia .
➁ Using the USB cable, connect it to your phone and then, connect the other end of the cable to your PC/Laptop`s USB port.
➂ Most of the time, phone`s will show you three options.

Choose either “USB Mode” or “Mass Storage”.
Now that you`ve managed to access your phone`s memory. Locate the whatsapp file you`ve just downloaded and then copy it.

Now, go into your phone`s memory and paste it there.

Most of the time, right after you connected the USB cable and picked the correct option.

To see the phone`s drive or memory, just go to “My Computer” or “Computer” and it will be there.
✎ Method Summarization:
➜ Download WhatsApp (using the links given).
➜ Connect your Nokia to your PC/Laptop.