Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime via Settings or Recovery Mode

How to Make Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime, Reset, Format

In this quick guide will explain how to hard reset or format a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime blocked.

The Hard Reset is indicated for cases of forgetting the password of unlocking the device, and it is also indicated to the owner that wants to sell his cell phone and do not want any information of his to be passed on to third parties.

Making hard reset on your Galaxy J5 Prime is simple but to reset the device you have to have:

  • Recharge your battery always above 50% charge.
  • Hard reset will delete all of the data on your phone. Make sure that you’ve backed up your most important files.
  • Remove the MicroSD card and SIM card from your service provider for security.
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Done this follow the steps below to do the hard reset procedures:

Step 1: Hard reset galaxy J5 from recovery mode

  1. Turn your SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 Prime off, remove the battery and replace.
  2. Press and hold down the Volume Up + Home Buttons + Power Button.
  3. When the Recovery Mode appears, release all held keys.
  4. In the menu that appears select “wipe / data factory reset” use Volume up and down button to select and Power Button to confirm.
    Galaxy J5 Prime Hard Reset
  5. Select “Yes – delete all user data” and confirm with Power Button again.
     J5 Prime Hard Reset
  6. Finally choose the “reboot system now” option and confirm.Format samsung Galaxy J5 Prime
  7. Wait for your SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 Prime to restart, it may take up to 10 minutes for the factory data reset and reboot process to complete.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime phone is now completely cleaned and would need fresh installation of all data.

Video tutorial: how to reset the Samsung galaxy J5 with Key

Step 2: backup and reset in Settings Menu

  1. 1-Turn on your SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 Prime.
  2. 2- Navigate to the menu “Settings> Backup and reset> Restore Factory Defaults> Reset Phone“.
  3. 3-Touch the “Delete All” option.
  4. 4-Confirm and wait for finalization.

After restart you will see that it will already be reset or formatted configure your device to your liking

Ready the hard reset of your SAMSUNG Galaxy J5 Prime is ready to enjoy your device just like when you took it from the store.