How to hard reset ployer momo9 tablet

hard reset ployer momo9 tablet

If your  ployer momo9 is frozen or acting strangely, the first step you should take in fixing it is to hard reset your tablet. Take note this will remove the entire file including the error which causes it the reason you want it to reset.

Just follow the instruction provided below.

The procedures :

• You need to turn off your tablet

• Then press/hold volumeUP+ power just keep pressing it till a green screen appears

• Just keep pressing it a red screen will appear let go of power button and press volumeUP

• This will now reboot your phone where a message will appear “android system recovery”

• To scroll use volume and to select use Power

• Enter power to click “wipe data/factory reset

• Then press power to select “yes-delete all user data”

• This will now reboot the system of your phone

• It will switch off and switch on back again.

• This means reset is successful!