How to hard reset and pattern lock Symphony W15

symphony w15 hard reset

Having Symphony W15 smartphone locked because of forgotten pattern and after so many trued of many combinations, and then nothing happens. This is very irritating and stressful on the part of the owner. However, symphone w15 gives you the option restoring it to default settings.

– We should not held responsible for any damage occurs to your Symphony W15 Android device during or after the process. So understand the risk and continue the procedure.
– Hard reset you phone will erase all content stored on your phone, including apps and games (along with app data and game progress), text messages, call history, music, photos, and more.

To reset your phone just follow the instructions it will be 100% worked

  1. Turn your phone off. If it is in frozen mode or in hung mode then remove the battery and insert it after a few seconds.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up/Down and power button at the same time and wait for android recovery to appears
  3. Use Volume Up/Down to scroll and use menu/camera/power/volume up to select.
  4. Select “wipe data/factory reset” from the menu.
  5. Select “Yes….clear all user data”.
  6. When the “wipe data/factory reset” is completed, and after that select “Reboot system now” and wait for restart your phone.

This hard reset instructions may also work on following smartphone :

Symphony Xplorer and W160, W21, W22(3G), W22(2G), W31, W32, W35, W65, W65i, W66, W68, W68Q, W69, W70Q, W71i, W72, W82, W85, W92, WZI, WZII, W125, W150, W71, W128, W140, W100, W90, W50, W25, W15, W15i, W16(3G), W16(2G), W12, W10, W5