How to hard reset Micromax a61

Micromax A61 hard reset

Like other Micromax phones Micromax a61 doesn`t have Recovery menu, since its doesn`t have a recovery menu doing a hard reset to remove the pattern lock will be difficult.

Before you get started you need to download.

7zip Software Download

Research Download software

Here is the main process.

1. Download and install 7zip from the link above.
2. Download Research download software from the link above.
3. Right click research download.
4. Highlight 7zip.
5. Click extract.
6. Now turn off your phone.
7. Connect the USB cable to the computer but do not connect the phone yet.
8. Run Research download.exe (make sure to run it as admin).
9. Connect your phone.
10. Click Start (play) once the phone is detected.