How to hard reset Micromax A110 smartphone

Today we will let you the way through which you can hard reset your  Micromax A110 Android mobile after forgotten your passcode or swipe pattern to access your a110 smartphone.

Resetting the smartphone will delete all stored data (contacts, photos, etc. ..) on the unit and all installed apps. So before you start, please backup all your important data, settings and applications before resetting the smartphone.

Hard reset procedure :

Micromax a110 hard reset process is very easy, so seen step by step:

1-Go into recovery mode first:

The recovery mode can be used to hard reset the Micromax x222.

You need to use the volume buttons to navigate to the options and the menu button (the left dedicated button) for confirmation.
In recovery mode you will also see several other options like backup user data / restore user data, apply updates etc.

2-Factory mode

Press volume down to enter the Factory mode option and then navigate using the volume +/- buttons and for confirmation use the dedicated menu button.

The factory mode can be used to run diagnostic checks on your handset. You can run full test or selected item test, phone test, GPS and even signalling test.

In both Recovery and Factory mode screen you will find the reboot option that you need to use to restart the system kind of exiting the mode screen.

So the next time you any issues with your phone, you can either do a factory reset or run the system diagnostics to check for any issues with the hardware.

In Video : How to hard reset A110 smartphone ?

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