How to make Hard Reset LG Q6 +


LG Q6 + : How to Hard Reset or Factory Data Reset in Settings Menu or with Buttons

Objective: This article will guide you through the Hard Reset LG Q6 +. It is important to specify here that the hard reset is a manipulation that affects the data of the device, necessarily. It’s simply a formatting of your Android system that will delete your settings such as WiFi codes and Bluetooth associations, all accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, email). The applications you have installed will be deleted (while preserving the original ones). That is why it is highly recommended to backup all your data.

Doing a hard reset on your LG Q6 + : is simple but to reset the device, you must:

After doing this, follow the steps below to perform the hard reset procedures.

Method 1 : Hard reset with hardware keys.

  1. Turn off your LG Q6 +.
  2. Press the “VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON” buttons.
  3. When the LG logo appears, release the On / Off button, and hold down the Volume Down button and after 2 seconds, press and hold the power button once more.
  4. When a reset menu appears, release all keys.
  5. In the menu with the “volume down” button, select “YES” and confirm with the POWER BUTTON
  6. Now, choose “Yes” again and confirm with the POWER BUTTON
  7. Now, wait for the hardware reset of your LG Q6 + to finish.

Method 2 :Hard reset with Settings Menu.

  1. Turn on your LG Q6 +
  2. Go to the menu “Settings > Backup and reset> Restore defaults> Reset phone”
  3. Press the “Delete all” option
  4. Confirm and wait for the finalization.

After rebooting, you will see that it will already be reset or formatted configure your device to your liking

The hardware reset of your LG Q6 + is ready; enjoy your device as when you took it out of the store.

Example of situations where the hard reset should be used:

  • The soft reset didn’t solve the problem
  • You want to switch to another Microsoft Account
  • You want to reset a device that you will no longer use (this enables someone else to initialize the device with their own Microsoft Account)
  • You want to restore a backup

If the factory reset process doesn’t fix your problems – or doesn’t work at all – it’s likely that there’s a problem with your device’s hardware. If it’s still under warranty, you should have it fixed or replaced.