It seems that you are having a problem with your asus tablet that you need to factory settings.

>> Also you can check this tutorial How to reset asus tablet with no volume buttons or reset button

Asus tablet hard reset steps:

• You need to turn off your tablet

• Then press/hold power till tablet turn off then press/hold volume down immediately while pressing power

• A start logo will appear on the screen this is the time you let go of the button

• You need to press down around 2 times for “recovery mode” to appear

• You need to press/hold on the “power button then press VOL up

• A pop out message would appear use volume to scroll and power to select. Select wipe data/factory reset

• You need to scroll down and click “yes- erase user data” by pressing power

• It will now reboot until it will switch off and switch on where a welcome screen would appear. This means you succeed!

Also you can Check this video tutorial how to perform a factory reset in asus tablet


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