Send Free SMS message pc to phone  to Europe

Here is the complete list of sms service providers to send free sms to Europe with mobile codes.

Gizmosms :Free sms to and from many different countries

Freesms :Send sms to many different countries in Europe :Send SMS and MMS to many different countries in Europe

Marbellaguide : Send free sms messages, you need to sign up with a valid email account and mobile phone number SMS to Europe/UK/USA and many countries


  1. Greetings.
    I’m looking for a service to send sms text messages to Europe (all countries that is possible). The big request is that I need the sender to be identified as a local country carrier the message is sent to, e.g. if I send a message to Hungary I need that the sender to be also from Hungary. And I need a possibility to have from 10 to 50 local carrier numbers that the messages will be sent from. In other words if there are 20 countries it is needed at least 20 (countries) * 10 (numbers) = 200 different numbers. All of that should be managed by miself.
    Thanks in advance.


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