Top 7 free services to send large files online

Easily share your large files by hosting them on secure services specializing in large file sharing.

Sharing the latest photos of your evening with friends or your last vacation video with your loved ones can quickly become complicated both for you and for the people to whom you want to send your data.

Rather than storing your documents on a USB key or hard drive that will have to be run in the hands of all the protagonists, the simplest solution is undoubtedly to have your large files pass through dedicated online service.

Free cloud storage services are legion but do not all offer the same benefits or the same guarantees, especially when it comes to security. The editor has selected five free online services for you to send large files.

Top 7 Websites to Send Big Files Online

1. Google Drive: your file shares up to 30 GB

Google Drive offers a free, unlimited cloud storage service. It also allows sharing of your large files up to 30 GB. Google Drive is the fastest way to send large video files online.

To use this storage space, you must have a Gmail address (and therefore a google account). It is, therefore, necessary to register to benefit from these services. Also, be sure to read the terms of use, and in particular the information related to the protection of your data.

Use Google Drive ( Free)

2. SwissTransfer

SwissTransfer :free services to send large files online

As the name suggests, Swiss Transfer is a service based in Switzerland. Offered by the Infomaniak host, it allows you to send up to 25 GB of files at once, all free of charge and without the need to register. All the files sent are stored for around 30 days before being deleted from the servers.

Use Swiss Transfer (Free)

3. TransferNow

Based in France, TransferNow is a file transfer service offering several offers for free. Accessible both from a PC and from a mobile web browser, it will allow you to easily send files and directories of up to 4 GB with an availability of 7 days.

All file formats except executable (.exe) and hidden files can be transferred to the platform. Items sent by TransferNow can be password protected, and all transfers made are secured by an HTTPS connection.

Use TransferNow (Free)

4. Smash

Smash is a French service, based in Lyon, which allows you to share your files with no weight limit. The service does not require any registration and works as soon as it is loaded in your browser. After dragging and dropping your files, Smash lets you choose how to share your files: by email, by generating a link, or directly on Slack.

Files hosted on Smash are protected using 256-bit AES encryption and are stored on Amazon Web Services servers. Therefore, the files are located in the USA and Europe.

Use Smash (Free)

5. WeTransfer

wetransfer : Send Big Files Online

Undoubtedly the best known of all, WeTransfer offers, in its free version, to send up to 2 GB of files at one time. The service can be used free of charge without registration and connection and allows you to share your files with a simple drag and drop. You can choose to directly send the sharing link accompanied by a message to your loved ones, or generate a link that you will have to share manually.

WeTransfer protects all stored files with encryption and allows sending a maximum of 20 files at one time. The platform does not allow you to configure a limit on the number of downloads or duration. All data stored on the service is automatically deleted after 7 days.

Using WeTransfer (Free)

6. Grosfichiers: your files up to 10 GB sent to several recipients

tools to transfer large emails large files

Grosfichiers, as its name clearly suggests, is a platform capable of transmitting your large files to the person of your choice. The tool is free, requires no registration, and allows you to send large files up to 10 GB.

It is here possible to send your documents to a single recipient or several. You are then informed of the good reception of your documents by their recipients.

The files are then stored for 14 days before being self-destructing, but you can review and delete them at your leisure whenever you want during that time.

Use Grosfichiers (Free)

7. FileMail

In its free version, FileMail allows you to transfer up to 50 GB of files. The data remains accessible online for a week for an unlimited number of downloads. All files are transferred securely with encryption.

In addition, the user has the possibility of creating a protection password, mandatory to download the file. Filemail offers to share files by email but is also able to generate a link. It is possible to transfer complete directories and to configure or not, an alert each time your files are downloaded.

If you frequently use Filemail, the service has desktop applications, but also extensions for Outlook as well as mobile applications.

Use Filemail (Free)