How to fix could not activate cellular data network error

could not activate cellular data network

iPhone: Error “Could not activate cellular data network”

Are you facing problems with the error message which says ““.
A lot of people seem to be getting this error. The problem of cellular data iPhone has usually occurred following the update iOS 11.2 / 11.0.3 / 11, the jailbreak, etc. It may happen that cellular data does not work for some apps like WhatsApp, Instagram,

How to fix could not activate cellular data network

Here’s are some ways to fix these cellular data issues that does not work on iPhone or iPad:

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] Disable and enable cellular data

Some report that iPhone cellular data is only available for voice calls or for certain apps after the iOS 11 update. So make sure the cell data stays on.
Just go to Settings> Cellular Data. Tap the button to activate it. Then tap the button again to deactivate.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] Check the operator update on iPhone

From time to time, mobile operators publish an update to improve network compatibility with your iPhone. If you have the error unable to activate the cellular data network, check if an update is available and install it to avoid incompatibilities.
You can check it by going to Settings> General> Information.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] Enable or disable airplane mode

Open Control Center and activate Airplane mode. Then turn it off after 30 seconds. The iOS device starts searching for the signals and the connection.

[mks_icon icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”#dd3333″ type=”fa”] Reset network settings

If you can only connect to Wi-Fi when you want to go on the Internet, try network restore or restore all settings. In Settings, go to Reset. Choose Reset network settings and confirm by entering the required code.

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For T-Mobile Operator

This method will work for an AT&T model iPhone 6, and for the Plus models:

  1. Call 611
  2. Wait until prompts are given, then press 0 for Operator
  3. During next prompts choose 6 for “More Options”
  4. Then at next prompts press 1 for “Technical Support”
  5. Then say “Data Services”
  6. Call will be routed to the correct queue

The AT&T Rep turned on a “feature” on your account by adding “NXTGENGPO” to your internet settings. This was all done on the backend at AT&T.

  • New turned OFF Cellular Data (in Settings – Cellular)
  • AT&T Rep added “NXTGENGPO” to your interned settings on the backend
  • Turned Cellular Data back ON after it was added
  • Cycled the phone off/on.