How to factory hard reset Hisense sero lite tablet

Hisense sero lite tablet hard reset

This is a simple tutorial on how to factory hard reset you hisense sero lite tablet?

Before starting, please make sure :

–          back up some files that you want to retrieved.

–          that you fully charged your tablet.

–          that you avoid any interruption in your tablet. Materials in doing the reset

  • Charger
  • Micro Sd Card
  • Memory card.

Ways to Reset a Hisense sero lite tablet

1.You have to make sure that your tablet is switch off

2.Then you have to be familiar in different buttons of your tablet.

3.Now you have to make sure that you can press the Volume Up+Home Screen and Volume Down.

4.You don`t have to release it as long as you did not see the instructions telling that you really want to do the reset.

5.Using the scroll down point it out to the word reset.

6.Then you have to proceed to the Factory reset.

7.Now you have to make sure that you can see the logo of your tablet model Hisense tablet. 8.It will reboot itself so you have to wait until it is done.