How to download WhatsApp for Samsung Galaxy s4

whatsapp samsung galaxy s3

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4. Download Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy S4 is a very simple process which can be finished within few steps.

Using your smartphone:

  1. Download the application: The first thing to do is download the application, go to your icon or application folder, log in to the google play account, search for whatsapp and download it to your android phone.
  2. Installing whatsapp messenger: The process of installing Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy S4 is fairly simple After the application gets downloaded, either of two things will occur. Whatsapp may install automatically or should be done manually. This can be done by clicking at the clink or install now button. The whatsapp installation will complete automatically. In few cases, you may require to give whatsapp permission in order to access the contacts.
  3. Activating whatsapp after installation: After the completion of installation, the next step is to activate it.
    • Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service.
    • Verify your phone number, select our country and write the number of our mobile (do not worry not charge anything is just to check the number of mobile and send to that mobile number verification) click OK and a window where we explained that this number is verified by SMS which sent to your mobile number you gave to appear,
    He spent a few minutes you receive the code 6 digits must write on the check cassia .
    After her number there been verified you will be prompted for a username .
    • Type in a name that you would like iPhone, Windows Phone, and unknown group members to see in their notifications when you send them a message. Do not worry, you can change this later in WhatsApp under Menu Button > Settings > Profile > Name.

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WhatsApp should now be installed on your phone and you can start chatting.

Using pc to download whatsapp samsung galaxy s4

Simple Steps:

  1. Use PC to download Application.
  2. Save files in your Document or Download Documents.
  3. Drag files to your Android memory card.
  4. On your galaxy s4, Find file in your phone then run / open
  5. Follow instruction 2 and3  above to continue.

That’s all, you can now use the samsung galaxy s4 whatsapp .