How to download and install viber on samsung gt s5570

viber on samsung gt s5570

Viber is a free application that allows free calls and text over VoIP, supported through 3G and Wifi, allowing users to make often expensive international calls at no cost.

How to download and install viber on Samsung :

Just go to using your device`s browser and you will have this installed into your device. Once you are on search for viber and download it to your device, after 1 to 2 Minutes Viber sent you a verification code for you to verify the registration.

If you did not receive the verification code. Here is what you need to do in order for you to resolve it.

First, redo the registration of the account and be able to receive the confirmation code.

Make sure you have internet access on your phone. Verification code requires internet connection from your mobile phone for viber will send it to you.

Clear the data and cache of the application by :

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Manage applications

3. Go to Viber App

4. Tap on Clear Cache

5. Tap On Clear Data

6. Exit and relaunch.

7. register again with the same information.