How to download free ios 8 / ios 7 wallpaper

free ios 7 wallpaper

The wallpaper is one of the most basic customizations on any mobile device, be it your iphone screen or your ipad. It is the one thing most of us change the moment we get our hands on a new device. In this article shows you how to download or make iOS 7 Wallpapers .

Download free wallpapers for ios 7

if you have not the time to create wallpapers for yourself, Here’s a good selection of freebies sites to find the best wallpapers for your ios 8 or ios7 device. : a website dedicated to parallax wallpapers. : The largest collection of iOS 7 wallpaper

Wallpapers for iOS 7 by Pimp Your Screen :  is a popular wallpaper app that provides the user a large library of tons screen background.

  • How to use the app

Once you open Pimp Your Screen, you get straight to the gallery of exclusive content. If this is not the first launch – you’ll get to the previously viewed gallery.

  • Download Pimp your screen for iOS8 or iSO7

Pimp Your Screen is available for Mac too. Look up Pimp Your Screen on the Mac App Store:
pimp your screen cool themes

Finally Below is a series of  ios 7 wallpaper for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.  I hope you find it to your liking

iOS 7 Wall 6 thumb iOS 7 Wall 7 thumb

iOS 7 Wall 8 thumb iOS 7 Wall 1 thumb

iOS 7 Wall 2 thumb iOS 7 Wall 4 thumb

iOS 7 Wall 5 thumb iOS 7 Wall 9 thumb

iOS 7 Mavericks AR7 caption iOS 7 Wall 3 Max_Kas caption

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