Download ans Install Viber on Nokia Ovi phone

download and install viber on nokia ovi

Viber for Nokia offers send free messages as well as make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country!

Here’s how to download and install viber on nokia ovi:

In order to install the viber, you need first to update your Ovi.
1. Go to your phone.
2. Open Opera Mini or any browser you have.
3. Now then type in the search bar
4. It will prompt you to install the Nokia Store Application.
5. Confirm the installation and let it be installed.
6. Once done, try to install the Viber application.

Download Ans install Viber on nokia ovi version

There are two ways of doing it. First one is to download it using your Nokia Suite App for your PC.
– If that is the case you need to download the “.sis” file to your Nokia PC Suite library first and then it will let you connect to your phone using the connecting wire and then upload the Viber app to your phone.
– If you do not want to download through your PC, you can also use Nokia Drop that will help you download the app without going through the PC or any other such app. You will get the download instructions on your phone and you can directly download Viber on your ovi phone.