real samsung galaxy s4 vs clone

Fake smartphones are becoming a phenomenon, and not a lot of people know how to tell an original phone and a fake one apart. Purchasing a fake Samsung galaxy 4 can reduce your business’ credibility. It can also lead to syncing, connectivity and functionality problems, which can cause business delays or lost data. This is why we decided to round up some tips and advices for you to know how to distinguish between original Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 clone.

How To Differentiate Between Original Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Fake ?

You can guarantee that your samsung is original by purchasing it directly from a participating cell phone carrier. If you decide to purchase it from another resource, Below are some steps that can be taken to help check if a samsung galaxy s4 is real/authentic or fake.

The easiest ways to identify a fake Samsung Galaxy S4 is the position of the hardware control buttons, such as the popular home key right below the display. The real Galaxy S4 has a chrome-lined piece of plastic for its home button, and it is situated right in the center of the space below the display. Duplicate models have the home key placed a small range lower, providing a little bit different overall look.

original smasung galaxy S4 vs fake

Here are some other easy ways to spot a fake Samsung galaxy s4:

  • The letters of Samsung’s logo on the front seems off and the vinyl protection at the back was said to be shotty.
  • The touchscreen of the phone is very sluggish.
  • Connect it to a PC and if Kies doesn’t detect it, you probably have a fake Galaxy S4.
  • It has huge bezels and it obviously has lower resolution making app icons seem bigger.
  • The accessories such as the micro USB cable and the earphones appear to be of low quality.
  • The parsing errors return during app installation.
  • The model number at the back says its GT-i9500 but the number on the left edge shows GI9500.
  • The finishing is rough, the casing is not glossy enough or the paint job shows poor workmanship.
  • Smart features are not available and it has no GPS. Lastly, The firmware shows version 4.2.2 but the build says GINGERBREAD.zskj6.
  • The finishing is rough, the casing is not glossy enough or the paint job shows poor workmanship.
  • The display has very low resolution. A real Galaxy S4 should have 1920 x 1080 resolution with 441 ppi.
  • You may want to also try dialing *#06# to see your device IMEI, match the IMEI number to the sticker and to label on box , use an IMEI checker like to further examine it.
  • Finally the Price of the Product is too Good to be True

So please beware of fake Samsung Galaxy S4.