How to call Mexico for free online

How to make free calls to Mexico.

Many of my readers ask me how to call mexico for free. So, I’m going to write a post about this topic.

Here is the list of best VoIP Apps which allows you to enjoy online free calls to mexico .


Talkatone helps you to make free calls to mexico, send text messages, Talkatone works using Google Talk and Google voice services. Using any data connection, WiFi or 3G/4G talkatone with gvoice turns your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android into a true Internet phone.

***You may need a google voice number (free) in order to use thise service.

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Magicjack, VoIP/SIP app that also enables to  call mexico for free.

About Magicjack VoIP App : The MagicJack app is similar to the Phone application you use daily; thise voip app use Internet service to make local and long distance calls .

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iphone voip apps

If you have a iphone , you can also use these list of 7 apps to make free international calling from iphone.

7 Apps to make free international calls on iphone/ipod


Note : To call Mexico from from the outside world be required to use area code.
Call Mexico from the USA/Canada: dial 011 + 52 + phone number (example, 011-52-628-445-3895)