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Apple iphone Secrets Codes

Apple iphone Secrets Codes

With these codes you can access to any function call-status (disabled/enabled), how many minutes you have left on your pre-paid account (as well as your other quota post-paid minutes)..

*#06# display IMEI number.
*3001#12345#* and tap Call. Enter field mode, (iPhone network and cellular information)* 777 # and tap Call. Show the balance amount if prepaid .
* 225 # and tap Call. Post-paid account balance.
* 646 # and tap Call. Call minute balance postpaid phone.
* # 21 # and tap Call. Call feature setup (enabled / disabled) for voice, data, fax, SMS, sync, async, access package, call forwarding.
* # 30# and touch call. Caller-ID display check (on / off)
* # 76# and touch call. Connected call screen check (on / off)
* # 43# and touch call. Determine if call waiting is activated.
* # 61 # and tap Call. Call with a number of services (no-answer)
* # 62 # and tap Call. Call Forwarding number without service (non-ring)
* # 67 # and tap Call. Call when the number occupied
* # 33 and # touch call. Check outgoing call services for call-barring (enabled / disabed)

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