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Send mms to phone from Internet free

Send mms to phone from Internet free

Send MMS to phone from Internet

The mult imedia messaging service or MMS is a new and revolutionary to send massages. MMS offers a complete multimedia experience of text, images, photos, animations, speech and audio. MMS has made it possible for mobile users to send MMS to phone from internet  enabled free mmshandset to other mobile users and users of e-mail. It also makes it possible for mobile users to receive MMS to other mobile users, e-mail users and multimedia applications. multimedia messages support of audio formats such as MP3, WAV and MIDI. You can also send videos to break a show or a movie.

Send MMS  to Phone From Computer or with your mobile phone are growing in popularity among cell phone users. Even though instructions vary depending on your phone, here are the basic principles of how to send MMS with your cell phone.

How to send MMS to Phone from computer?

In internet you can send free mms by internet with 2 ways :

1. Email Picture or text from Computer to Cell Phone

Attach pictures in a new email as you normally would then insert the address
Cell phone email addresses are:

Verizon MMS
(Personalized Name) MMS
Cricket MMS
Boost Mobile
Metro PCS
BellSouth Mobility
Cellular One
Cincinnati Bell
Edge Wireless
Metro PCS
PCS Rogers
PSC Wireless
Satelindo GSM
Sprint PCS
SureWest Communications
U.S. Cellular
Virgin Mobil USA
Weblink Wireless
Blue Sky Frog
Cellular South
Cellular One West
Einstein PCS
Simple Freedom
Smart Telecom
SwissCom Mobile
T-Mobile (Sidekick)
USA Mobilility
Verizon Wireless sms
Virgin Mobil Canada

2. Email Picture or text from Computer to Cell Phone

There are many websites over the internet from where you can send mms to mobile phone

- Free Picture Messaging – Send Free Picture Messages From Your Computer To Your Cell Phone.

- Text4free : Send Free Text Messages. Send free sms and mms worldwide.

- Send and receive SMS and mms messages to U.S phones for free.

In order to use multimedia messaging service, you need an MMS enabled mobile phone, as well as connection of GPRS data transmission.

At present multimedia messages reach the same level of acceptance as SMS. MMS offers a complete multimedia experience of text, images, photos, animations, speech and audio. send MMS to cell phone by internet  will increase the use of mobile communication.

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