How to download and install whatsapp for blackberry z10

WhatsApp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger for BlackBerry, iPhone, , Android, Windows Phone.

How to install WhatsApp for Z10 ?

To install whatsapp for blackberry z10 you need follow the Installation Instructions :

On your BlackBerry Z10, go to Settings by swiping down from top on Home Screen >Go into Security and Privacy > Development Mode>Switch on ‘Use Development Mode’.

If your smartphone doesn’t have a password lock, enter any password when prompted. E.g. your name (Not 123, abc etc).

>Now go back to Settings > About & choose Network category from the slide-down menu >Note IPv4 number E.g.

>Now run DDPB Installer on your PC & enter the IPv4 number into ‘PlayBook IP Adress’ space along with device password you entered on Z10.

>Click ‘Connect’ & your phone will be connected to DDPB Installer, If any error prompts, re-check the IP entered Now click on Add & choose the file downloaded.

Check the WhatsApp tick mark in listing window & click Install
>A new window pops-up showing process & once its done you will have WhatsApp on your Z10 >Now go back into Security and Privacy > Development Mode & turn off development mode.

Remove password if you don’t want any from Security and Privacy
> Device Password Note: Forget about ‘Cancel’ button on pop-up window.

Just hit it when appears WHATSAPP SETUP

1.Run WhatsApp
2.NEVER update client when prompted. Just swipe back (bezel action) to decline update
3.Select your country & input a Phone # ( enter your residence or any other non-WhatsApp using phone number)
4.WhatsApp then tries to send & receive SMS for setup. Wait for 5mins timer & let this process fail
5.When WhatsApp couldn’t get any confirmation it opts for a Voice Call.
Select voice call & be ready to receive a call on phone # entered.
6.Note down the code & enter in the given space
7.You’re done!

Note : for install whatsapp on BB z10, your PC must have JRE installed. You must install the appropriate version of Java JRE


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