how to fix could not activate cellular data network error

Are you facing problems with the error message which says “could not activate cellular data network“.
A lot of people seem to be getting this error. Here’s are some ways to fix these cellular data issues on your iPhone.


This method will work for an AT&T model iPhone 6, and for the Plus models
-Call 611
-Wait until prompts are given, then press 0 for Operator
-During next prompts choose 6 for “More Options”
-Then at next prompts press 1 for “Technical Support”
-Then say “Data Services”
-Call will be routed to the correct queue

The AT&T Rep turned on a “feature” on your account by adding “NXTGENGPO” to your internet settings. This was all done on the backend at AT&T.

– New turned OFF Cellular Data (in Settings – Cellular)
-AT&T Rep added “NXTGENGPO” to your interned settings on the backend
-Turned Cellular Data back ON after it was added
-Cycled the phone off/on.

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