How to factory reset Proscan PLT7810K android tablet

If for any reason you wish to reset your Proscan plt7810k Tablet to the factory settings, you can do so by following the instructions below. Ensure you have any important data backed up.

There are many methods to the factory reset Proscan plt7810k

Reset the tablet with the power turned on.

Unlock device by providing your Google account.

1. Guess pattern by attempting many times until Gmail account log in shows up.

2. Log in

3. After you log in , the device will allow you to change the pattern.

4. Put a new pattern.

If you cannot provide your Google account, you need to hard reset your device.

Here are the procedures on how will you reboot your device.

1. On home screen press the “three layered horizontal bars” symbol

2. Tap Settings

3. Tap Storage

4. Factory data reset .

Reset the tablet with the power turned off

1. Look the reset button

2. Press with pin

3. Hold for 15 seconds

4. Wait for the result.

This is the only way since your device has no recovery mode.

So you cannot do a hard reset and master reset or factory reset.


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